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Oswald Tupper (the man whose house Stan and Jill have bought) goes to Meg and Hugh's cottage to see Meg but finds Stan and Jill there alone.  When Meg arrives home Stan and Jill tell her that Oswald Tupper called to see her and he will return the following day.
Jane Smith asks Vera Downend if she is lonely on the boat on her own.  She tells Vera that Glenda Brownlow hasn't got anywhere to stay.  "Oh no.  My boat's not a home for strays," says Vera realising that Jane is asking in a round about way for her to let Glenda stay.
Bob Powell meets his old colleague Elieen Blythe and she asks him if he is coming back to work at the hospital again. 
Mrs Addy tells Avis and Stephanie that she is going to throw a party before she dies.
Eileen tells Meg and Hilary Maddox that she met up with Bob Powell.  "I don't know him do I?" asks Hilary Maddox.  "I suppose if he's going to be working at the hospital you'd better know.  Last year he thought he was going blind, so did the specialists.  Evidently he didn't," says Eileen.  "But you don't think everything's ok?" asks Hilary.  "He certainly isn't as I remember him," says Eileen.  "He always was a bit of a mystery," says Meg.
Oswald Tupper comes to the cottage to see Meg, whilst Stan and Jill are out for the evening.  He pays Meg 25 towards the money she lent to him.  Jill and Stan arrive home early and Meg tries to get Oswald Tupper to leave.  "I'll send you the next installment next month.  What would we do without her.  Not everyone would loan someone 200 punds," says Mr Tupper to Stan and Jill, as he leaves.  "Well, I suppose I'd better come clean," says Meg.  "No need," says Stan angrily, and grabbing his coat, he leaves.
Jane Smith manages to persuade Vera to let Glenda Brownlow stay on her boat for a few days. 
Avis Tenneson invites Mrs Witton to Mrs Addy's farewell party and Jeff Gilbert invites himself.
Glenda Brownlow finds her way to Vera's boat and Vera makes it clear that she can only stay for a few days.
Rex Oliver takes his turn at reception desk duty and answers a phone enquiry.  David Hunter returns from holiday and walks towards the door marked private leading from the recption area.  "You with the case.  You can't go that way.  That leads to the private wing," says Rex, whilst still on the phone.  David turns and walks up to the desk and waits for Rex to finish the phone call.  Sandy comes into reception from the kitchen and welcomes David back.  "Hello, I'm Rex Oliver.  I work in the salon," says Rex extending his hand to David.  "Do you man the reception desk as well as being a hairdresser?" asks David. 
Bob Powell comes to the motel and meets David again.  "Go and get Anne and we'll have a coffee," says David.  Sandy later tells David that Bob arrived at the motel alone.
Glenda Brownlow tells Mrs Witton that she has lovely hands and asks her if she could borrow some of her handcream.  Mrs Witton says no.  She takes her ring off and puts it on top of a magazine in the staff room before putting on some handcream.
David goes to the sitting room where he finds Meg.  She says he looks as worried now as when he left to go on holiday.  David says he just met Bob Powell in reception and he seemed disturbed, particularly when Anne was mentioned.  Meg telephones through to the kitchen and orders a meal for two.  "And ask Mr Powell if he'd like to have dinner with Mr Hunter will you.  What?  Oh, then make it one meal," says Meg.  "Bob paid his account this morning and left," she tells David.
Vera notices that Miss Turner has booked to have her hair done by Rex Oliver.  "She's been my regular customer for two years," she tells Mrs Witton. 
Sandy asks Stephanie Colby why she called Mrs Addy's party a farewell party.  Stephanie tells him that Mrs Addy has this rediculous idea in her head that she is going to die.   

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