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Vera asks Rex Oliver to stop pinching her customers.

At Avis and Stephanie's flat Mrs Addy's 'farewell' party is in full swing.  "Only four hours to go," says Sandy.  At just past eleven o'clock Avis and Stephanie see everyone off from the party.  Mrs Addy asks Sandy to stay until midnight, but he leaves.

Nora Bowen tells Annie Farrant that David Hunter is back from holiday.  "He looks a grumpy old soul," she says.  "Um, I saw him when he arrived yesterday.  I thought he looked quite handsome, debonair," says Annie Farrant.

Stephanie Colby and Avis Tenneson find Mrs Addy asleep in an armchair.  They stand looking at her.  "She looks awfully still.  You don't think she's ..." says Stephanie.  Mrs Addy snores suddenly and Avis and Stephanie jump.

Hilary Maddox see's David Hunter at the reception desk.  "Hello you're new," she says.  David introduces himself.

David finds Bob Powell in the sitting room and offers him a drink.  Bob refuses and says he wants to talk.  He tells David that yesterday he went to the cinema but can't even remember what the film was about.  He loses his nerve and asks David about his holiday.  "It was all fish and pasta," says David.  "I came down one morning and sat in a pub reading my paper.  Then I thought how nice it would be if Meg could join me for a drink, with Sandy and you and Anne," David continues.  Bob stares at him.  "Anne is dead," he says.  "Anne is dead," he repeats.  "Yes, I've known since yesterday morning," says David.  David asks Bob how it happened.  "You loved Anne as much as I did.  She was five months pregnant and we were going for one of her pre-natal check ups.  We argued about who was to drive.  Maybe if I would have we wouldn't have hit the ambulance.  That's the ironic thing about it.  There wasn't a scratch on me," says Bob.  "No, just a deep wound," says David.

Rex Oliver tells Vera that he wants to talk about the business and Vera invites him to her boat that evening.

Mrs Witton tells Glenda that she has mislaid her ring and asks if she knows anything about it.

Bob Powell says a cheerful hello to Eileen Blythe and apologises for the other day.  She invites him to dinner at her flat.  "Hilary Maddox is my flat mate so Anne won't mind," says Eileen.  "Just a drink okay," says Bob and walks away quickly. 

Rex Oliver arrives at Vera's boat with a bottle of wine.  Glenda arrives with a carrier bag full of Chinese takeaway, but turns to leave again when she see's that Vera is not alone.  "No, you can stay," says Vera.  "No, I'm meeting a fella," says Glenda and leaves. 

Mrs Witton tells Jane Smith that she has lost her ing and Jane tries to trigger her memory.  Mrs Witton says she took her ring off in the staff room when she put on some handcream.  "Well was there anyone else in the staff room?" asks Jane.  "Yes, your friend Glenda.  I bet that's where it went," says Mrs Witton.  Glenda comes in at that moment.  "Anyone want half a chinese mean?" she asks.  No one answers.  "What you looking at me like that for?" asks Glenda.  Mrs Witton accuses Glenda of stealing her ring.  "Do you believe this?" asks Glenda.  "Mrs Witton, will you leave Glenda and I alone," asks Jane.  "I thought you were the one person...oh, why bother," says Glenda and leaves.




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