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Meg and David offer the secretarial job to their temporary secretary Stephanie Colby, but she refuses because she lives too far away.  Sandy remembers that Avis Tenneson needs a flatmate to share the flat she rents from Mrs Addy.  Avis shows Stephanie the flat and Stephanie agrees to move in.
Two Birmingham ladies, Annie Farrant and Nora Bowen, both apply for the job of motel cleaner.  They are both offered a job. 
Another newcomer to the motel is Jeff Gilbert.  He is a friendly young man with an eye for a pretty girl, and the girl he has his eye on is Jane Smith.  However, it is an unrecognisable Jane Smith as she has tried on a fashion wig and Vera has glamourised her.  Jeff Gilbert asks Jane Smith out and Jane agrees, then immediately regrets it.
Sandy see's Jane in her disguise.  "Personally I prefer Jane Smith and the way God made her," he says.  "Yes, so do I.  I'm going to wash this stuff off.  I was stupid to let myself be talked into this in the first place," says Jane, and rushes into the staff room where she takes off the wig and the make up.
Meg lends Mr Tupper, the man who owns the house Stan and Jill are buying, 200 so that he can move out and Stan and Jill can finally move into their own home.  Meg tells Sandy what she has done but does not tell Stan or Jill.
Avis and Stephanie's landlady, Mrs Addy, tells them she has looked into ther crystal ball and she knows when she is going to die.  "July 30th 1976.  So I haven't got long," she says. 
A young girl arrives at the motel and orders a sandwich from Jane Smith.  She tells Jane that she has been hitch-hiking.
Bob Powell arrives at the Motel and checks in and meets Meg and Sandy again.  Meg apologises and tells Bob that they can only put him in chalet 9 which is near the car park.  "Noise doesn't bother me," says Bob.  "I was thinking of Anne," says Meg.  "Nine will be fine," says Bob. 
Jane Smith suggests that Glenda Brownlow, the young hitch-hiker, stays at the Salvation Army hostel.
Meg tells Sandy that Bob Powell made it clear that he wanted to see David urgently.  "Why shouldn't he.  They're old friends," says Sandy.  "Yes, but whatever it is it's something Bob wants David to know straight from him," says Meg.  Bob Powell tells Meg that he will be renting the same house that he and Anne rented previously. 
Annie Farrant finds a map of London in Nora Bowen's locker.  Nora Bowen leaves work early and tells Annie that she has got to look after her sick husband.
Sandy see's Bob Powell and assumes that he will be resuming his work at the hospital.  "Oh how did you deduce that?" asks Bob.  Meg joins them and hears the conversation.  "Well, since you're renting the same house again," says Sandy.  "It didn't take you long to tell him that, did it," says Bob, looking accusingly at Meg.  "Why shouldn't I have?" asks Meg.  "Good morning Meg," says Bob and walks out.  "Well what did he mean by that," wonders Meg.
Jane Smith fixes Glenda Brownlow up with an interview with Sandy for a job at the motel.  Sandy offers Glenda a job as a dishwasher and Glenda accepts it.     
Jeff Gilbert, the motel's new barman, asks Stephanie Colby out but she turns him down.
A good looking young man arrives at the motel and asks for Vera Downend.  He introduces himself as Rex Oliver, and says he has come for the job of stylist in the motel hairdressing salon.  Vera shows him around the salon and offers him the job, starting the next day.  Rex Oliver asks Vera out to dinner as a celebration.

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