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Vera Downend tells Gus Harmon that she has given some thought to the idea of them going into partnership, and thinks it would be a good idea. 

Steve McKenna tells Kelly to go and tell David about them but kelly says she can't because David is out.  "No, he's in his office.  Go on Kelly, tell him now," says Steve. 

Kelly confesses to David that Steve McKenna has asked her to marry him, and she accepted.  David is hurt and angry but tells Kelly that she must make up her own mind, he won't pressure her.  It's an awkward situation made even worse when Meg innocently invites David and Kelly to dinner at the cottage, and also asks Steve along to make up the numbers.  Kelly and Steve continue to work together on their book.  Soon after a daily newspaper prints a startling news item with the headline 'Kelly and McKenna - wedding bells?'  Steve McKenna confesses that he was responsible for the article in an effort to force Kelly's hand. 

On the night before the Motel's Garden fete a wild thunderstorm threatens to wreck Carney's prize roses.  David and Kelly battle against the elements and save the roses.  The next day dawns bright and fair, and the Fete is a huge success. 
Kelly tells Steve that she has made her decision, and she is staying with David.  "It's David for me.  First, last and always," she says.  However, when Kelly tells David he says it is too late and their relationship is over.  Kelly leaves for London with Steve McKenna and Meg and Sandy persuade David to take a long holiday in Venice.
At Heywood Farm Diane guesses correctly that Josie Welch is pregnant by her electrician boyfriend.  Ed Lawton breaks the news to Benny, who is shattered at first, but then decides that Josie will need him more than ever now.  He looks forward to being a dad to the baby.   
Josie announces that her and Benny are engaged.  Diane knows that Josie is two-timing Benny and warns her, "If Benny catches you and him, you'll regret it."
Ed Lawton tells Josie that he has reconsidered and he is not going to make Benny a partner in Heywood Farm.  Josie is furious at being cheated out of what she considers to be her share of the profits, and she breaks off her engagement to Benny.  "I can do better for myself than you, Benny boy," she says. 
Benny is angry at Ed Lawton but later realises that Josie was only after his money.  Josie asks Diane to pass on a message before she leaves.  "If the baby's a boy perhaps I'll call it Benny," she says.
When Jim Baines was picked out at the identity parade by Bill Warren almost everyone believed he was guilty, except Jane Smith.  Vera Downend is summonsed to the police station and told that another man has been picked up on a housebreaking offence and Vera's missing cash box was found at his home.  Vera tells everyone that Jim Baines is innocent.
Vera accepts Gus Harmon's business proposition on the strict understanding that it is strictly a business deal with no strings attached.  Later, however, Vera realises that Gus is still in love with her and made the business offer hoping that in time she might come around to him.  She tells Gus that the deal is off. 
Vera goes to Meg and Sandy and tells them that the salon has been re-decorated and is ready to open but she has not got the money to run it.  Meg and Sandy decide that the motel should take over the salon and make Vera manageress.  Meg suggests that the salon goes unisex so Vera advertises for a male stylist.
Jill, Stan and Sarah Jane are staying at Meg and Hugh's cottage until they can move into their new home.  Stan tries to keep the peace between Meg and Jill.  Jill goes to the doctor who prescribes her tranquillisers.  During a stormy scene between Meg and Jill, Sarah Jane finds the bottle of pills in Jill's bag and swallows some.  The two women rush the child to hospital where Doctor Hilary Maddox saves Sarah Jane's life.
Avis Tenneson has forgiven Bill Warren for what has happened in the past and he asks her to marry him.  "No Bill, not yet.  Not till we've got a bit of money saved," she says.

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