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Benny tells Ed Lawton that he has no right to sack Josie and reminds him that he is a partner in the farm.
Gus Harmon returns to see Vera Downend.
Diane asks Ed Lawton to speak to Benny and try and talk some sense into him.  At that moment Benny and Josie come into the farm kitchen and ask Ed if he can make the barn a bit more private.  "Why?" asks Ed.  "We intend to get married," says Josie. 
Carney asks David if he could take on someone to help with the garden to get it ready for the fete, but David says there is no need as he will help in his spare time.
Steve McKenna tells Kelly that she must tell David about them.  "No Steve.  It's all over.  Go away.  What more do you want," says Kelly.  Kelly tells Steve that she loves him when she is with him but she loves David very much.  Steve says he knows she is being loyal to David but he has got to be told.  "If you don't tell him I will," he threatens.
Diane invites David to dinner at the farm.
Jim Baines tells Jane Smith that he is going to leave but Jane tells him it will only make things worse.
Steve McKenna checks into the motel and Kelly see's him.  "How could you.  You can't move in like this.  It's only making things worse," she says.  "That was the general idea," says Steve. 
Jane asks Bill Warren to tell the police that he made a mistake when he identified Jim Baines.
Gus Harmon tells Vera that he wants to invest in the salon.
Avis Tenneson arrives at the motel and Mrs Witton tells Jane that someone should warn her that Bill Warren is at the motel.  They are about to tell Avis when Bill walks into the motel reception.  "Bill! Bill!" shouts Avis.  "Hello petal," says Bill and they hug each other.  Avis tells Bill that she is not staying at the Jason Hotel permanently.  "But I thought you were.  That's why I've gone and got a job there," says Bill.
Diane tells Ed Lawton at the last moment that David Hunter is coming to dinner.  There is a knock on the door.  "That must be him now," says Diane and goes to answer the door.  When she opens the door David is visible from the nose downwards.  "Come in Mr Hunter.  Mind your head.." she says as David bumps his head on the low door frame.  David gives Ed the money for the first delivery of vegetables to the motel. 
Jim Baines sits at the bar with a drink, staring at Bill Warren.  "Why are you doing this?" asks Bill.  "I'm loitering with intent," answers Jim.  "Intent?" asks Bill.  "Yes, intent to grievous bodily harm," says Jim.
At Heywood Farm, David helps Diane with the washing up and he asks her if she is happy.  "Yes, what about you?" asks Diane.  "Yes, by and large," answers David.
Jill tells Meg off for putting an extra blanket on Sarah Jane's bed.  "Alright Jill, don't go on," says Meg.  Jill carries on moaning at Meg regardless.  "Look Jill, will you drop it!" shouts Meg.  

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