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Diane Parker arrives back at her flat and, thinking that Jackie and Frank are there, she puts the record player on loudly to warn them that she is back.  Jackie Barrett and Frank Tyler arrive at the flat shortly after.  "Where have you been?" asks Diane.  "Out," answers Jackie and gives Frank a drink.  Diane excuses herself and goes to her room.  Frank tells Jackie that he must be going.  He kisses her and leaves.
Diane comes back into the living room once Frank Tyler has left.  "I thought you didn't want to go out with him," she says.  Jackie says she couldn't let him down.  "He took me to this fantastic Italian restaurant.  It was wonderful, and so is he," says Jackie.
The next morning Diane Parker is clearing up dishes in the motel sitting room when Ethel Wisbey comes into the room.  "Diane isn't it?" she asks.  "You were the one," says Ethel Wisbey, and Diane looks at her puzzled.  "Mr Warner Blyth," says Ethel Wisbey.  She says she knows about Mr Warner Blyth and Mrs Mortimer.  "I don't know what you're talking about," says Diane.  "Would you say that on oath, in a witness box?" asks Ethel Wisbey.  "Witness box?" asks Diane.  "Yes, in a divorce court," says Ethel Wisbey. 
Pierre Rolfe goes to the reception desk and asks David Hunter for his bill.  He tells David that his mother is ill and he must go back to Paris right away.  David says he hopes that he finds his mother well.  "Thank you for everything Mr Hunter.  My bill please," asks Pierre Rolfe.  "Forget the bill," says David.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel Baines at home.  Muriel tells her that she was speaking to Jim on the phone earlier and he seemed to think he would be coming out of hospital soon.
Ethel Wisbey orders tea in the reception foyer.
P.C. Frank Tyler comes into reception in uniform and asks the receptionist where he can find Mrs Mortimer.  "She said she wanted to see me," says Frank Tyler. 
P.C. Frank Tyler goes into the sitting room and Meg says she wants his advice.  "Blackmail.  It's a serious crime isn't it?" she asks.  Frank warns Meg not to tell him anything because he would be forced to report it and prosecute and if he didn't it would be withholding evidence. 
Jane Smith takes Ethel Wisbey her tea in reception and noticing a brooch on the floor, she picks it up.  Jackie Barrett passes at that moment and tells Jane that she will take care of Miss Wisbey.  Jackie takes the brooch from Jane.  "This is a beautiful brooch," says Jackie Barett and pins it on to Ethem Wisbey's dress. 
Jane Smith goes to see Muriel Baines and tells her that she got a telephone call from Jim saying that he wasn't going to be out of hospital for a while yet.  "Oh.  Why didn't he phone me," says Muriel .  "Well he had built your hopes up and he didn't want to disappoint you," Jane tells her.
Jackie Barrett gives Meg Mortimer Ethel Wisbey's brooch and tells her that Miss Wisbey asked her to put it in the safe because she is scared she might lose it. 
Muriel Baines, alone in the house, walks into the hallway and takes her coat off its hook. 
Frank Tyler meets Jackie Barrett at the motel and tells her that he has two tickets for a dance, and asks her to come with him.  "What dance is it?" asks Jackie.  Frank Tyler tells her that it's the police force annual dance.  Jackie tells Frank that she has just remembered that she has to go and visit her mother on that day.
Ethel Wisbey joins Meg in the sitting room and Meg tells her that she has decided not to pay her that money she is asking for.  "5000 is not a lot of money.  I should have thought you would have asked for 10,000.  It's not worth risking a prison sentence for," says Meg.  Ethel Wisbey starts crying.
Victor Lee and Sharon Metcalfe are just about to leave the garage office when the phone rings.  Victor Lee answers.  "Hello," he says.  "Hello.  Is that Mr Lee?" aks the voice on the other end of the phone.  "Speaking," says Victor.  "It's Muriel.  From a phone box," says Muriel Baines.  Victor Lee tells Sharon what is happening.  "Oh no" says Sharon.  "Where are you?" Victor Lee asks Muriel.  "In the phone box around the corner," answers Muriel, sobbing.  "Don't move from there.  I'm coming right over," says Victor Lee.  He hands the phone to Sharon.  "Keep talking to her," Victor tells Sharon.
Victor Lee takes Muriel Baines back home and gives her a strong drink to calm her down. 
Meg tells Ethel Wisbey that for a little while she thought that she was Mrs Warner Blyth.  "There isn't one," says Ethel Wisbey.  "But how did you know about Mr Warner Blyth?" asks Meg.  Miss Wisbey says she was his housekeeper for twenty years and when he decided to emigrate he just gave her the sack.
Simone Clavell goes to Chris Hunter's chalet with a suitcase and starts taking her clothes out.  "What are you doing?" asks Chris.  "Well now Pierre has gone why should we pay for two chalets," says Simeon.  "You can't just move in here," says Chris.  "Don't you want me," asks Simone.  "Of course I do.  But I can't just shack up with you.  What would the old man say," says Chris.  "He's not that old.  Anyway, he's nice," says Simone.  Simone tells Chris that she wants to go back to the apartment in Paris.  "I don't want to go back to Paris, and I don't want to be a lawyer," says Chris.

1978 Episodes continued

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