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Mrs Witton finds Stan in the kitchen fixing a kettle and says she felt sorry for Jill, getting all dressed up and being ignored by Tim O'Hara.  Stan chuckles to himself. 
Benny tells Diane that he wants to find his father. 
John Farnham tells Lia that her papers have been forwarded to the hospital and the nurse is looking forward to meeting her.  He gives her some nursing books.  "I was going to the cinema with David tonight but I shall have to put that off so I can read these," says Lia, and goes off to find David.  "She's lucky to have a friend like Mr Hunter," says Mrs Witton, who is on duty at the reception desk.  "You know what they say, 'bloods thicker than water,'" she continues.  "They're related?" asks John Farnham.  "Let's just say there were a lot of girls born in Malaysia about the time Mr Hunter was there," says Mrs Witton.  "But surely Mr Hunter can't be responsible for all of them," says John.  "But he could have made one mistake," points out Mrs Witton.
Lia finds David in the office and tells him that she can't go to the cinema with him because John Farnham has given her some books on nursing which she would like to study.  "You're very fond of Doctor Farnham, aren't you?" asks David.  "Fond?" questions Lia.  "He has been very helpful," she adds.
Lia see's John Farnham and asks him where he lives.  John tells her that he lives in a lodging house.  "One of the tenants is moving out so you could move in," he suggests.  "You do go to a lot of trouble for me," says Lia.  "You must know why," says John Farnham.
Benny's gran, Clover Hawkins, arrives at Heywood Farm.  She asks Benny to mend the ceiling of her cottage and do a few odd jobs for her. 
Faye Mansfield tells Sandy about her feelings for John Farnham.  "I went out with him a few times and fell in love with him," she says.  "No dounts?" asks Sandy.  "No doubts," confirms Faye.
Ed Lawton tells Diane that he is thinking of taking a woman on to help out around the farm. 
John Farnham asks Lia to have dinner with him.  They leave arm in arm and Faye see's them.  "Haven't you heard.  It's the new whirlwind romance.  Everyone's talking about it.  It happens often enough, the doctor falling in love with his patient," says Mrs Witton.  "I wouldn't know," says Faye sadly.
Meg shows David a picture of the motel being built.  "That's where we began, thirteen years ago," says Meg.  "To the day," says David.  Meg looks at him, puzzled.  "It says March 19th on the back, and today is March 19th," points out David. 
Faye Mansfield tells John Farnham that she knows he is in love with Lia.  "What can I say?" asks John.  "Goodbye John," says Faye. 
Carney visits Diane at Heywood Farm and takes Jenny Rawlings with him.  Carney tells Diane that Wilf Harvey thinks Lia Hua is David Hunter's daughter.  "Carney, do you know anything about this?" asks Jenny Rawlings.  Carney tells Jenny Rawlings that he is worried about this rumour about Lia being David Hunter's daughter.  "But it all works out, he being in the country at the right time," says Carney. 
Benny asks Clover Hawkins about his father but she doesn't tell him anything. 
Mrs Witton takes coffee to Meg and remarks to her that Lia and John make a nice couple.  "I wonder what he thinks of it all?" asks Mrs Witton.  "Who?" asks Meg.  "Mr Hunter.  Well it's obvious...their relationship.  I mean, her coming all this way after all this time, just to see Mr Hunter," says Mrs Witton.  "I think you'd better be getting back to the kitchen, Mrs Witton," says Meg firmly.

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