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Jill Harvey receives a rose with a note attached saying 'All my love, Tim.'  Stan storms out angrily.
That afternoon John Farnham finds Lia Hua waiting in the motel reception area.  "I didn't know you'd be ready so quick," he says.  David comes into reception at that moment.  "I must congratulate you on your patients' recovery," he says.  "Yes, I thought it was time she got a bit of fresh air," says John.  "Yes, that's what I thought.  I'm taking her for a drive.  I thought it might do her good.  Don't worry, I'll keep the windows up," says David and leaves followed by Lia.
Wilf Harvey visits Diane at Heywood Farm and tells her that the mystery Asian girl bears a family resemblance to someone at the motel.  Diane asks who.  "Mr Hunter," answers Wilf.  "Never.  Mr Hunter's daughter," says Diane, incredulously.
Jill meets Vicky Wade and Tim O'Hara at the motel for her prize dinner.  In the meantime, Sheila goes to see Stan who is on his own at home.  "Why does everyone think I hate my own company," says Stan.  "Alright, I'll go," says Sheila.  "Do as you want," says Stan.  "I will.  And if you're interested your wife looked absolutely radiant, which is more than I can say for you," says Sheila and leaves, slamming the door behind her. 
At the motel Vicky Wade excuses herself from the dinner table leaving Tim O'Hara, Angus Penfold and Jill together.  Angus Penfold begins to criticise Tim on his acting then realises they have a guest.  "I think I'll go and look for Vicky," says Jill and leaves the table. 
Stan answers a ring at the door but when he opens the door there is no-one there.  He goes a little way down the corridor then goes back to the flat.  Meanwhile Vicky Wade slips into the flat and surprises Stan with a bottle of champagne.
Benny and Diane talk about Lia Hua and David Hunter.  "I wonder what that girl is like," he says.  "Who?" asks Diane.  "Mr Hunter's little girl," says Benny.  "She's hardly little," laughs Diane.  "Anyway we're not certain it is his daughter," she adds.  "It must be funny.  If he hasn't seen her before and suddenly he has a grown woman come up to him and say 'Hello, you're my dad.'  I wonder if he loves her," says Benny.  "I don't know," says Diane.  "You know.  I must have a dad somewhere," says Benny.
Tim O'Hara and Angus Penfold wait in reception for Jill to return.  Tim O'Hara says they had better be leaving if they are going to catch their train.  "But what about Vicky?" asks Angus Penfold.  "To hell with Vicky.  Oh sorry, it's just, well, I've got an early rehearsal in the morning and I won't have time to learn my lines.  Anyway Vicky's quite capable of looking after herself," says Tim. 
Meanwhile at Stan and Jills flat, Stan and Vicky play a game of ludo.  Vicky throws the dice across the floor and they both scramble on the floor to find it.  Jill arrives hom and Vicky scrambles to her feet.  "Your husbands a wonderful ludo player," she says.  She leaves quickly.  "Oh you...you.  You're a rotten ludo player," says Jill.
David has breakfast in the sitting room and Meg joins him.  "Late breakfast?" she says.  "Yes Lia and I had a late night," says David.  "How was the concert?" asks Meg.  "Wonderful.  Lia was so excited with it that she wanted to listen to it all over again on record.  So we sat listening to records," says David.  Meg tells David that John Farnham seemes a bit put out when he found out that David was out with Lia.  "I think he's a bit jealous," she says.  "Surely not," says David.
Stan asks Jill how her evening out with Vicky Wade and Tim O'Hara went.  Jill tells him that she had a marvellous evening.  "Tim O'Hara's so romantic and charming," she adds.  Later at the motel Meg asks Jill how her evening out went and Jill says it was awful.  "Vicky Wade went to the flat and I interupted their game of ludo," says Jill.  "Ludo!?" asks Meg.  "So to get Stan back I told him I had a wonderful evening," says Jill.

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