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Carney tells Jenny Rawlings that he has reached a conclusion about Lia and David Hunter.  "And he is not her father.  He's an officer and a gentleman," says Carney.  "Well, he's a gentleman anyway," says Jenny Rawlings.  "Ah but he's an officer too.  When he came back from his regimental reunion he was inclined to reminisce a bit.  I think I know who she is," says Carney.
Benny says goodbye to his gran Clover Hawkins, and goes upstairs to his room.  When he has gone Clover takes a key from the mantlepiece and unlocks a small box.  She takes out a pile of letters but drops some on the floor.  Benny comes downstairs and asks her what the letters are.  "Nothing.  They're government papers that's all," says Clover Hawkins, as she hurriedly puts the letters back into the box, locks the box and puts the key back on the mantlepiece.  Once Clover Hawkins leaves the room Benny quickly unlocks the box and takes one of the letters out.  "My own sweet darling," he reads.  At that moment Clover comes back into the room and snatches the letter from him.  "I thought they were government papers," says Benny.  "They are," says Clover.  "Funny government papers," says Benny.  "How do you know.  You can't read," says Clover.  "I can read enough," says Benny.  
Meg joins David in the office.  "Umm, David.  I was wondering about Lia.  How long is she staying?" asks Meg.  "She'll be moving closer to the hospital soon.  Why?" asks David.  "You know you said you felt responsible for her.  Well there's an ugly rumour circling," says Meg.  "Don't say I'm supposed to be in love with the girl," laughs David.  "Come on, I'm old enough to be her father," he says, carrying on with his work.  Meg looks at him.
Later, Carney goes to the office to speak to David.  "I'll come straight to the point.  Lia.  She is the baby you found crying in the bushes," asks Carney.  "Oh yes.  That must be the night of my reunion.  I'd had a lot to drink and I must have gone on a bit," says David.  "No.  You just wanted to talk.  Well so are other people.  There are some rumours going around," says Carney.  "Yes, I heard about that," says David.  "Yes I thought you would sooner or later," says Carney.  "Let them talk.  It'll pass," says David, going back to his work.  Carney turns to leave, then turns back again.  "Is it fair to the lass to let them go on thinking you're her father," says Carney.  David stares at him.
Sandy tries to dictate a letter to Faye but she finds it diffcult to concentrate.  Sandy asks her what's wrong.  "You must have heard about Lia and John.  He's in love with her," she says.
Meg finds David in the office, deep in thought.  "You've heard haven't you?" she asks.  "Carney told me.  Meg, can you spare a minute," says David.  "Look David.  If you think I believe these stupid rumours," says Meg.  "No I want to tell you what reallt happened.  I've hurt Lia more than I could hurt any other human being.  Our platoon...my platoon.  We were ordered to wipe out her village.  I found Lia crying in the bushes," David explains.  "You rescued her," says Meg.  "That sounds a bit heroic.  I sent her to an orphanage in Singapore and then she came to the convent near where she lived," says David.  "How much does Lia know?" asks Meg.  "Only that I provided for her.  She thinks I'm the kind, generous person who brought her up.  Almost like a father she said.  She doesn't know I was responsible for wiping out her village," says David.
At Heywood Farm Benny shows Diane the letters that he found when Clover Hawkins was looking at them.  He asks Diane to read them out but Diane says she doesn't want to because they are personal.  "At least I know I've got a dad and his name's Tommy," says Benny. 
Meg finds David in his office staring into space.  "Still brooding?" she asks.  "You know I wish people would mind their own business.  I'd like to find the person who started these rumours," says David.  At that moment, Mrs Witton comes into the office carrying a tray of coffee.  "Will you pour?" Meg asks Mrs Witton.  Mrs Witton pours the coffee into the cups.  "So when did you first go to Malaysia David?" asks Meg in a loud voice.  David looks at her, a puzzled expression on his face.  Meg just looks back at him.  "Oh, er, it must have been about 1954," answers David.  "That was after Lia was born," says Meg.  "Yes, she must have been a few months old when I first saw her," says David.  Mrs Witton drops the spoon.  She hands David his cup.  "Sorry," she says, and leaves hurriedly.  "You're a crafty one," says David, grinning.  "I'm a canny scot," says Meg.

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