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Tish Hope goes to the sitting room looking for David and instead finds Meg alone.  Meg tells her that David has gone to see the girl in chalet 4.  "It's very odd.  She knows him," says Meg.  At that moment David joins them in the sitting room.  He explains that he knew Lia's parents, and that they were killed when Lia was very young.
David goes to see Lia in her chalet.  "I imagined you as kind and handsome and you are," she says.  "How did you know I was an individual.  I could have been an organisation," says David.  "I've known who you are since I was fourteen," says Lia.  "Well, lets keep our friendship a secret," says David.  "Our secret.  You and I," says Lia.
Later that day, Mrs Witton takes Lia her dinner in her chalet and they begin talking about David Hunter.  "He has been very kind, but he doesn't want anyone to know.  He's a very modest man.  He has been almost like a father to me," says Lia. 
Carney asks David and Meg's permission to start a collection for Jenny Rawlings who had her handbag and wages stolen. 
Mrs Witton asks Carney if it's right that David Hunter was a soldier in Malyasia.  "Yes, that's right.  Why?" asks Carney.  "Well, why did he tell Doctor Farnham that he hardly knows Lia and she says he's been almost like a father to her.  It doesn't make sense.  She knows him but why did she wait so long before coming to see him," wonders Mrs Witton.  "There's more to our Mr Hunter than meets the eye," says Carney.  "Yes, and he likes to keep it that way too," says Mrs Witton.  "Maybe he knew her parents," suggests Carney.  "One of them at least," says Mrs Witton.
Meg visits Lia in her chalet and Lia tells her that she is training to be a nurse.  Lia asks Meg if she has known David a long time and Meg says a few years now.  "He's very formal," says Lia.  "David, formal.  No I'd say reserved.  He doesn't always show his emotions," says Meg. 
David gives Jenny Rawlings the money that the staff have collected for her but Jenny Rawlings refuses to accept any money she hasn't worked for.
Mrs Witton tells Sheila that there is a resemblance between Lia Hua and David Hunter.  "The same high cheekbones.  And she hasn't got a very foreign chin," she says.  "Well it's obvious it's his daughter," she adds.
David comes into reception and tells Mrs Witton that Jenny Rawlings refused to accept the money.  Mrs Witton asks him to keep the money until she thinks of something.  She stops at the door and stares at David. 
Ed Lawton receives a letter from John Sackville who says that Ed agreed to sell the farm to him and if he withdraws he will be forced to take legal action. 
John Farnham tells Lia Hua that he spoke to the hospital about a job for her and they want to see her.  "You don't look too excited," remarks John.  "I don't show my emotions," says Lia, copying David reactions.  John Farnham tells Lia that he will drive her to the hospital that afternoon.

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