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Meg tells David about their mysterious guest.  "What's she like?" asks David.  "Well, she's Asian looking, about twenty I'd say," says Meg.  "She must be very lonely being ill in a foreign country," says David.  "Why don't you go and see her," suggests Meg.  "Yes, I think I will," says David.
Meg tells David about the attack on Jenny Rawlings.  David says he will break the rules and give her the wages she had stolen. 
David goes to Chalet 4 where the mysterious Asian girl is recovering from double pneumonia.  The nurse looking after the girl stops David as he enters the chalet.  "I've come to see...," says David.  "Sssshhh.  She's sleeping," says the nurse.  David walks quietly up to the girls bedside and stares down at her.
The following day whilst Doctor John Farnham is taking her blood pressure, the girl wakes up.  John Farnham assures her that she is quite safe and begins to tell her where she is.  "Oh I know where I am.  I'm at the Crossroads Motel," says the girl. 
John Farnham goes to see David and tells him that the girl is awake.  "She surprises me.  She knew exactly where she was," says John. 
Jill meets the two television stars she is having dinner with as part of her prize for winning the dressmaking competition. Tim O'Hara takes a shine to Jill whilst Vicky Wade tries to chat up Stan. 
John Farnham goes to Chalet 4 to see his patient.  She introduces her self as Lia Hua.  "I wish to see Mister Hunter.  Isn't he here?" she asks.  "David?" asks John.  "Yes, Mister David Hunter," says Lia.
Meg goes to see Lia in her chalet.  "My name is Lia Hua and I come from Malaysia," says Lia.  "The taxi driver said you insisted very strongly on coming here," says Meg.  "A very dear friend of mine lives here," says Lia.  "I'm afraid we don't have any guests who live here permanently," says Meg.  "David Hunter," says Lia.  "David?" asks Meg.  "He does live here doesn't he?" asks Lia.  "Yes.  He is my co-director.  Do you want me to go and get him?" asks Meg.  "Oh yes!" says Lia happily.  "That's funny.  When I spoke to David last night he ..." begins Meg.
Meg finds David in the sitting room.  "I've just been to see our patient in chalet 4," she tells him.  "Oh," says David.  "She's asking for you.  David you went to see her the other night.  Why didn't you recognise her?" asks Meg.  "It was a long time ago," says David.  "Aren't you going to see her?" asks Meg.  "Yes.  I'll go now," says David and leaves. 
Benny begins working at Heywood Farm.
In chalet 4, Lia brushes her hair.  There is a knock on the door.  "Please come in," she says, and David comes into the chalet.  He walks to the foot of Lia's bed.  "Mister Hunter?" she asks.  "Yes," answers David.  "Please come closer," says Lia.  David moves closer to her bedside, then sits on the bed next to her.  "I'm so much better now I've seen you," says Lia, beginning to sob.  "Oh Mister Hunter," she sobs.  She takes his hand.  "I've longed for this moment and now I've found you," she says, clutching David's hand to her face.

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