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Diane tells David Hunter that Hugh Mortimer suggested Ed Lawton turn Heywood Farm into a market garden.  Diane goes to see her uncle at the farm and tells him about Hugh Mortimer's idea of turning the farm into a market garden.  Ed reads over the notes that Hugh prepared but tells Diane that he isn't interested.  He leaves the room taking the papers with him.  "I think he's more taken by the idea then he makes out," says Benny.
David takes Hugh a letter from Mortimer Investments, and Hugh opens it.  "Mortimer Investments is down the drain.  Everything I've worked for is lost," he tells David.
Sheila aplogises to Jill for her outburst and says they will look for another couple to share a house. 
Benny tells Ed Lawton that if he turned Heywood Farm into a market garden he could supply the Crossroads Motel with fresh vegetables. 
Jill tells Stan that she has entered a dressmaking competiton, and Stan tells her that her chances of winning are astronomical.  "That's where you're wrong Stanley Harvey, because I have just won first prize in a National Dressmaking Competition," says Jill.  Stan asks her how much she has won but Jill says she hasn't won any money, just a tailors dummy, an electric sewing machine and a night out with two television stars, Vicky Wade and Tim O'Hara.  Stan tells Amy about Jill's win and Amy asks how much they've won.  "Amy, you should be ashamed of yourself.  But I'll tell you this; Jill and I were up all last night counting it," says Stan.  Amy tells Wilf that his daughter-in-law has won thousands of pounds in a competition.  Wilf in turn tells Sheila.
Diane asks Ed Lawton if he has thought anymore about the idea of a market garden.  Ed  shows her a letter that he has written to John Sackville telling him that he isn't selling the farm after all.
Sheila comes rushing into the Harvey's flat.  "Stan, how could you sit there," she says.  "What are you talking about?" asks Stan.  "This gigantic fortune you've just won," says Sheila.  Stan tells her that he only told Amy they had won a fortune as a joke.
Diane tells David and Meg about the idea of Heywood Farm supplying the motel with their fresh vegetables.  Meg says she will write a letter to Ed Lawton's bank manager expressing interest in the project.
Angus Penfold calls on Jill and asks her to suggest a good restaurant for her prize dinner.  Jill suggests the Crossroads Motel.  Angus Penfold looks over the motel and decides that it will be a good venue for the dinner. 
A man rushes into the motel reception and tells Stan and Jill that he has a foreign girl in his taxi claiming that the motel is her home.  Stan helps the taxi driver bring her into the motel and they settle her in one of the chalets.  They call Doctor John Farnham.
Mr Jessell, Benny's probation officer, comes to Heywood Farm and Ed Lawton tells him that he wants to employ Benny on the farm. 
Jenny Rawlings rushes into the motel gasping for breath.  "Whatever's the matter?" asks Sheila.  Mrs Rawlings tells her that a man jumped out at her and snatched her handbag.  "Did you see his face?" asks Sheila.  "No, he was so quick.  I don't suppose I'll ever get it back," says Jenny Rawlings. 

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