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Jill asks Stan what he thinks about the idea of sharing a house with Roy and Sheila but Stan is not keen on the idea at all.
Anita Fielding tells Meg that there is someone she wants to see in Birmingham and she will return in one hour.
Diane asks Ed Lawton to let Benny stay with him on the farm.
Anita Fielding arrives back at the motel.  "Mission accomplished.  Now lets go and see Hugh together," she tells Meg.  They go to Hugh's room and Anita says she was having an affair but she was never a threat to their marriage.  She hands Meg a piece of paper.  "If you don't believe me, phone him," she says.  Meg tears the piece of paper up. 
Wilf Harvey arrives at Stan and Jill's flat and says he heard that they were going to share a house with Roy and Sheila.  He says he can move in to.  Stan arranges to meet his father at the motel for a drink, and there he tells Wilf that they won't be sharing a house with Roy and Sheila, that it wouldn't work.  "I know when I'm not wanted," says Wilf and storms out of the motel.
Jill tells Meg that Roy and Sheila have set their heart on sharing with her and Stan and she doesn't know how she is going to break the news to Sheila that her and Stan won't be sharing a house with them after all. 
David tells Meg that he is going to go to his army reunion.
Diane tells Carney and Tish that her uncle Ed Lawton is planning to sell Heywood Farm.  Carney suggests he should turn it into a sheep farm.  Tish advises Diane to speak to Hugh Mortimer about it.
Jill and Stan invite Roy and Sheila to their home for dinner with the intention of breaking the news to them that they don't want to share a house.  Sheila arrives alone and Says Roy is babysitting because their babysitter couldn't make it.  They have a drink before dinner.  "Well, here's to our new house," says Sheila, lifting her glass in a toast. 
David Hunter walks into reception all dressed up in dinner suit with bow tie.  "Ooh Mr Hunter, you do look smart," says Diane, who is on duty at the reception desk.  "Well perhaps I should get this out of mothballs more often," says David, walking up to the desk.  "And medals too," says Diane, leaning over the desk to get a closer look at the ribbons on David's chest.  "I never knew you were in the war," says Diane.  "I'm not that old," says David, indignantly.  "I must go," he says and walks away.  Diane salutes. 
Stan tells Sheila that him and Jill have talked about the idea of sharing but have decided that it wouldn't work.  Sheila does not take the news very well and storms out.
Carney takes over reception duty from Meg and Meg tells him that a few guests will be arriving at the motel late.  "Oh and Mr Hunter will too.  He's gone to his regimental reunion and he's coming back by taxi!" says Meg. 
Later that night the motel's main door opens and David Hunter walks quietly into reception.  He tiptoes across the reception area.  "It's alright Mr Hunter, I've seen you," says Carney.  David pulls up a stool and sits talking to Carney.  He pours a whiskey for himself and Carney.  David tells Carney about his time in the army, and says the men underneath him were as confused as he was.  He says he was too young for responsibility of that sort.  "Years don't matter," says Carney.        

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