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Kelly takes Jill aside and asks her what she meant earlier when she said her and David couldn't be compared to Jill and Stan.  Jill says she didn't give up much when she married Stan whereas Kelly is giving up a whole career. 
Later, when they are alone, David tells Kelly that he and Stan were talking about houses.  "Um, what?" asks Kelly.  "You know those square boxes people live in.  We could start looking for one," says David.  "What?" asks Kelly.  "Something tells me I'm not getting through," says David.  "Umm," mumbles Kelly.  David looks at her.  "Hello my name's David Hunter.  Tell me do you come here often?" he asks.  Kelly comes out of her daydream and looks at him.  "David, what are you talking about?" she asks.
Amy takes Sandy his dinner but he refuses it.  "You know what you are.  An ill tempered little brat.  And don't let me hear you speak to your mother like that again.  And eat that!" says Amy firmly, banging the dinner tray down in front of Sandy.
Carney takes Benny to his cottage and gives him something to eat.  Benny begs Carney not to tell Diane where he is but Carney says he has to. 
Tina Webb arrives at Terry Neames flat for Simon's party and asks him where the rest of the guests are.  "Oh the party's been cancelled.  But I can entertain you," says Terry.
Carney tells Diane that Benny is at his house and asks her if she would come and talk to Benny.  Diane persuades Benny to come back to her flat.
At Terry and Simon's flat, Terry Neame puts on some romantic music.  Tina tells him that she should be going. Terry grabs her and tries to kiss her, but spills his drink all over her blouse.  Tina rushes into the kitchen and takes her blouse off to try and clean it.  Terry follows her into the kitchen.  "Give us a kiss then," he says and grabs her around the waist.  At that moment Simon comes back to the flat and throws Terry out.  He offers to take Tina back home.  "I can't go home like this.  I'll have to stay here," says Tina.
Benny's probation officer goes to Diane's flat.  When Benny see's him he turns on Diane.  "No wonder he left you.  You're no good to anyone," he says.  Diane swears to him that she didn't tell the probation officer where he was.  Benny tells Mr Jessell that he doesn't want to go back to the hostel but Mr Jessell tells him they will get him a proper job and find him a home where he will be looked after.
Simon Wittaker wakes Tina Webb up the following morning and tells her he will give her a lift home.  Tina says she can't wear her blouse because it's wet and searches for something to wear.  She finds the jumper that Carole Hewson gave Simon as a present, and puts it on.
David tries to bring up the subject of houses with Kelly, but Kelly says she's in a muddle.  "It's something Jill said last night.  I'm an idiot," she says.  "Yes you are, but I love you all the same," says David.  "Yes and I love you too, and that makes it all the worse," says Kelly.
Tina Webb and Simon Wittaker turn up for work at the motel, and Mr Booth asks Tina where she was the night before.  Tina tells him that she stayed at Simon's flat.  Simon explains to Mr Booth exactly what happened the previous night.
David finds Stan Harvey and asks him what Jill said to Kelly the night before.  Stan says he has no idea.  "Well I wish she'd keep her opinions to herself," shouts David angrily.
Reg Hayles, Kelly's photographer friend, returns to the motel, and tells Kelly that he has another job lined up for them.  David comes into reception and stands unseen behind Kelly.  "It's the biggest break we've had," Reg tells Kelly.  "Reg, I don't think so," says Kelly.  "Brazil.  You'd better get packing," says Reg. He walks away.  "Morning Mr Hunter," he says as he leaves.  Kelly turns around to face David.  "Why didn't you tell me about this before?" asks David.  "Because this is the first I've heard about it myself," says Kelly.  "Well you do believe me.  David?" she asks.  David walks away.

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