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Stan asks Jill what she said to Kelly and Jill says she only said that Kelly was giving up a lot.  Stan tells her off and Jill tells him not to be stupid.  "Oh I suppose you think David's stupid too," says Stan just as David and Meg walk in.  "I may be stupid but my hearing's in perfect order," says David.  Jill tells him that she didn't want Kelly to make a mistake just because she's following her and Stan's example.  "Kelly is a top journalist and she'd be giving up a lot," she says.  "I've been thinking about that too," admits David.  "But I thought you two had decided," says Stan.  "No.  Kelly's still thinking about it and when she makes her decision we've got to make sure it's the right one," says David.
Mrs Witton asks Carole Hewson if she knows that Tina Webb stayed all night at Simon's flat and that Tina turned up for work wearing Simon's jumper.
Bill Warren tells Vera that he and Avis worked together at the Droitwich Hotel. 
Carole Hewson calls Simon into the office and asks him to take a parcel to the post office.  As he turns to leave Carole asks, "How did Tina look in that sweater?"  Simon is just about to explain when they are interupted by Meg. 
Carole Hewson finds Tina Webb and asks her for an explanation.  Tina explains exactly what happened.  "You know, I misjudged Simon.  He's rather sweet when you get to know him," she says.
Sandy apologises to Meg for the way he has been behaving.
David asks Kelly if she is going to go to Brazil but Kelly tells him that she is staying with him. 
Vera tells Diane that she was the one who told the probation officer where to find Benny.  She asks Diane to come back to live on the boat and as Diane's lease on the flat is up soon she agrees.
Reg Hayles finds Kelly in the office and tells her there is something he has to tell her about the trip to Brazil.  "I've got one or two publishers interested.  There might be a book at the end of it," he says.  "You really know how to twist my arm don't you?  You knew that I always wanted to write a book and that was the one thing that would tempt me," says Kelly.
Later David is on reception duty when Reg Hayles asks him for his bill.  "Your bill?" asks David.  "Yes, I'm leaving here, alone.  You know you're a lucky man.  Kelly's a nice girl.  I did everything I could, bribery, threats," says Reg.  "Bribery?" asks David.  "Yes, I told her there was a book involved," says Reg.  David says he never knew.  "It's what she's always wanted.  To be known as a serious writer.  She refused me.  It's either love or stark raving insanity," says Reg. 
David talks to Kelly alone and brings up the subject of the trip to Brazil.  "Can you see me treking through the jungle," says Kelly.  "Kelly you're not making sense," says David.  He says he doesn't want her to stay here and give up the chance to write a book.  "It's not very nice to feel I'm being shifted off," says Kelly.  David says he doesn't want her to think she's keeping her promise to him.  "I'm not keeping a promise.  Ilove you, you dope," she says and gives David a friendly shove.  "If I had to choose between the South American jungle and you, I'd choose you," she says.  "But Kelly, my darling.  The book.  It's what you've always wanted.  Now stop being so loyal," says David.    

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