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Simon Wittaker tells Carole Hewson that his flatmate is going out so they can have the place to theirselves, but Carole says she doesn't think that's a good idea.
Kelly gives David another present.  She brings out a box which David opens and finds a bracelet.  "I'm sorry, I can't wear jewellery," he says, putting it back in the box.  "Don't be silly.  You wear cuff links don't you.  Here give me your arm," says Kelly, taking hold of David's arm and tugging back the sleeve of his shirt.  She puts the braclet on his wrist.  "It looks nice on you.  I'm going to have a bath," she says, and leaves.  As soon as she has gone David takes the bracelet off.
Later, Rosemary goes into David's empty office and opens the desk drawer looking for some scissors.  She finds David's bracelet. 
That evening Kelly goes to the office and finds David working.  "Sergeant Kelly reporting for duty," she says, marching up to his desk and saluting.  "Stand at ease," says David, not looking up from his work.  "Now come on.  That's no way to greet me is it?" says Kelly, lifting his chin and kissing him.  She then notices that he isn't wearing her bracelet.  "Put it on," she orders him.  David takes the bracelet from his desk drawer and puts it on.  "If you don't like it you can always tuck it up your sleeve," says Kelly, and David promptly tucks it up his sleeve.  "Just while I'm on duty.  Ok," he says.
Diane Parker comes to the motel and asks David for a job.  He tells her that he can only offer her a job as a waitress. 
Rosemary returns from shopping and has a drink with David in his office.  As David hands her a drink the bracelet slips down from under his shirt sleeve.  "David," says Rosemary in a surprised tone.  "That is the drink you wanted isn't it?" asks David.  "Yes, but where did you get that bracelet from," asks Rosemary.  "It was a present," answers David.  "Present.  But who would buy you that?" asks Rosemary.  "Kelly.  She bought it back from Hong Kong," David tells her.  Rosemary says she would like to meet Kelly.  "I shouldn't think you'd have much in common," says David.  "We do have one thing in common," says Rosemary.  "What?" asks David.  "You," smiles Rosemary.
Simon Wittaker and Carole Hewson arrive at Simon's flat.
David is on duty at the reception desk when Lord Lanchester arrives with Carney.  Lord Lanchester demands to have a bath.  "You can't have a bath here," says David.  "You'd better watch your p's and q's.  I could sack the lot of you," warns Lanchester.  "Waitresses, managers, the lot" he says waving his walking stick at David.  "That's enough!" says a voice from behind him.  Lord Lanchester introduces everyone to his sister Alison Fosdyke.
At Simon's flat he is in the process of brushing Carole's hair when they are interupted by Simon's flatmate.  "I thought I told you to stay away from here.  Damn you!" shouts Simon.  "I'm sorry mate but I had a row with my girl.  I couldn't walk the streets all night could I?" he says.  "You promised idiot!" shouts Simon.
Alison Fosdyke settles Lord Lanchester's outstanding bill and they leave the motel.
Kelly is typing in David's office when Rosemary Hunter comes in.  "I'm looking for David," she says.  "David?" asks Kelly.  "Yes, David Hunter, my husband," answers Rosemary.  "He's out," Kelly tells her.  "Out with his Miss Kelly I suppose.  I haven't seen you around here before.  Tell me, do you know this Kelly.  You know, I've read her column and she seems to come over as a bit of a bitch," says Rosemary.  "I once did some typing for Kelly and she used bad language over the phone just because I missed out an apostrophe on page fifteen," says Kelly.  "Poor David," says Rosemary.
Sandy accuses Meg of hoping something would happen to stop his trip.  "That's a terrible thing to say," says Meg.
David returns to the motel and Rosemary joins him in the office.  She says one of his secretary's told him about Kelly.  "Carole?" asks David.  "No the other one," answers Rosemary.  David later asks Tina Webb what she has been saying to Mrs Hunter about Kelly.
Avis Tenneson returns to the motel and starts work in the kitchen.
Rosemary finds Kelly in the office and they are introduced properly.  Rosemary tells Kelly that if she is so fond of David she should marry him.

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