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Tina Webb tells Norman Finn that Jane Smith likes him. 
Shughie McFee lets slip to Tina Webb that Mr Booth asked Jane Smith to befriend her so as to keep her out of trouble.   
A woman books into the motel and Carole Hewson asks her for her name.  "Mrs Rosemary Hunter," she answers.  "Oh you're..." begins Carole.  "Yes, Mr Hunter is my husband.  I'd like to talk to him," says Rosemary.  Carole tells her that David is out at the moment.  Jane Smith joins Carole at the reception desk and meets Rosemary again.  Carole hears Jane mention Switzerland and she asks Rosemary if she lives there.  "Yes, in fact I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for, well, call it a family crisis," says Rosemary.  "Oh I'm sorry," says Carole.  Rosemary says she has got the return tickets.  "Did you say return?" asks Carole.  "Yes, one for me and one for David.  I want him to come back to Switzerland with me as soon as possible," says Rosemary.
Later, David returns to the motel and asks Carole why she is still here this late.  "There's some important messages and ..."she says and looks over David's shoulder.  David turns around.  "Rosemary, what are you doing here?" he asks.  She hugs him.  "A family crisis," answers Rosemary.  "Chris?" asks David.  "It's nothing serious.  He's got this stupid idea into his head.  I want you to come back to Switzerland," says Rosemary.  David says it's impossible because Sandy and Meg are away and he's in sole charge. 
Rosemary tells David that Chris has changed his mind about going to university and he's going on holiday to the Far East with some friends of his.  David says there is nothing he can do to stop him but promises to phone Chris and talk to him.  David telephones Chris and later, when he finds Rosemary, she asks him what happened.  "He's leaving tomorrow as planned," David tells her.  Rosemary says she was counting on him to try and change Chris's mind.  "He goes with my blessing," says David. 
Rosemary accuses David of spoiling Chris.  David reminds her that Chris is old enough to know what he's doing.  David tells Rosemary that Chris is going to the Far East to do volunteer work and it's a worthwhile thing he is doing.  He tells Rosemary that Chris is going to go to university afterwards.
Tina Webb tells Mr Booth that she is inviting a few friends round to his flat for a party.  Norman Finn and Jane Smith are among the guests at the party.  Norman dances with a girl and trips over a table, spilling his drink all over the carpet and wallpaper. 
Rosemary tells David that she would like to see his country cottage.  "Oh it's nothing special," says David.  "But you and that school teacher put a lot of work into it.  What was her name?" asks Rosemary.  "Laura Marshall," answers David.  Rosemary tells David that she has never loved another man, and can't understand why she gave him up.  David tells her that there is someone else in his life.  "She's a journalist.  Her name's Angela Kelly.  You must have read her article, Kelly's Eye.  She's very important to me.  I went on holiday with her," says David.  "Well David, you do surprise me," says Rosemary.
Jane Smith and Tina Webb prepare Sandy's room prior to him returning.  Jane tells Tina that Sandy has got a great sense of humour.  Sandy arrives back at the motel with Meg, and Jane welcomes him back.  "Mum.  I just want to go to bed ok," he says.  Meg pushes Sandy out in his wheelchair.  "Oh yeah, great sense of humour," says Tina.
Carole Hewson is in the office when there is a knock on the door.  "Come in," she calls.  The door opens and someone waves a duty free carrier bag.  "Direct from Hong Kong.  Special delivery for Mr David Hunter," says a voice.  Kelly walks in and looks around the office.  "Oh, he's not here," she says.  Carole Hewson introduces herself and tells Kelly that she is a fan of hers.  She says David's not too far away and offers to go and fetch him, but Kelly says she'll wait.
Kelly shows Carole the decorated candle she bought David from Hong Kong.  She puts it on the desk, then decides it doesn't look right there.  She moves it onto a table by the wall, lights the candle and throws the match into the waste paper basket.  She picks up a vase and is about to move it to another place when David comes in.  Kelly drops the vase.  Carole Hewson leaves the office.  David walks up to Kelly who stands gazing up at him.  "David I've just ruined your carpet," she says.  "I love you," says David.  "I love you too," says Kelly.  "Oh and David, I think I'd better tell you.  Your waste paper basket's on fire," she adds.  David picks up a cup of tea from his desk and throws it over the flames. 

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