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Jill comes into the office at that moment and excuses herself for interupting.  "No no come in.  I was just going.  I have some unpacking to do," says Lord Lanchester, and leaves.  "Unpacking?  But I thought he was going," says Jill.  "Yes so did I but don't get me started on that again.  It's a long story.  And you've obviously got something on your mind," says David.  "You can say that again.  It's Stan.  Do you know what the garage are doing now.  They're having a sit in or sleep in," she says.  "Better get in touch with your mother," says David, picking up the phone.
Meg arrives and David fills her in with what is happening at the garage.  "It is beyond a joke," he says.  "It certainly is.  I'll go down there tomorrow and tell them what I think," she says.  "Yes well I was rather hoping you'd take care of Lord Lanchester and leave me to deal with the garage problem," says David.  "What's the old devil been up to now?" asks Meg.  "Well, he's offered a post dated cheque for his bill," David tells her.  "Ar, so Mr Booths suspicions were well founded," says Meg.  "Yes only too well.  The old boy's stony broke.  I couldn't let him go on and take another hotel," says David.  "Meaning he's still here," asks Meg.  "Yes," answers David.  "You know how a pair of soft hearted ninnies like you and me ever got into all this I will never know," says Meg. 
Vera asks David if he told Meg about the phone call from France.  "France.  Was it Sandy?" asks Meg.  "No, it wasn't.  It was Joe Shaw," says Vera.  "Joe," says Meg looking concerned.  Meg waits anxiously in the sitting room for reception to put a call through to the number Joe Shaw left.  "Try to reassure me," she says to David.  "Well, maybe Sandy left something behind that he needs," says David. 
The telephone rings and Meg picks up the receiver.  She asks to speak to Joe Shaw or Sandy Richardson.  "Yes, thank you," she says, then turns to David.  "Sandy's not there," she says.  "Hello.  Hello Joe.  Yes Sandy's mother here...What!  Is it serious?" she asks.  David stands beside her.  "When did it happen?  Yes, well just give me the address," she says and looks for a notepad.  David gets some paper and writes the address down as Meg repeats it.  She puts the phone down.  "Sandy collapsed suddenly.  I'll have to get the first plane I can," she says, and rushes out with David following.
Jill begs Stan to stop this strike but Stan says he won't let his mates down. 
Mr Booth tells David that even though Lord Lanchester has no money he still order huge meals.  David asks Carole Hewson to get in contact with Lord Lanchester's sister.
Jill tells Stan that she is moving into the motel.  "As far as I'm concerned Stan Harvey, you can sleep in that garage for as long as you like," she says.
Stan Harvey and Norman Finn tell Mr Walton that they don't want to continue the strike.  Mr Walton phones David and tells them the news, and says they might be on a winning streak because Jim Baines is the only one who wants to strike. 
David tells Lord Lanchester that his sister is willing to have him to stay but not for another month.  "Then you mean you're going to throw me out on the streets," says Lanchester.  "You leave me no choice," says David.  Carney overhears them and tells Lord Lanchester that he can come and stay with him.
Stan and Norman, still sleeping in the garage, are awoken by the noise of an intruder the middle of the night.  They watch as the handle of the garage door moves and a figure steps in.  They jump on the figure and after a struggle they are surprised to find that it is Jim Baines.  Jim says he couldn't sleep so he went for a walk.  "With your bicycle clips on.  Scared the rats will run up your trousers are you," says Stan.  "It's my guess that you've been home.  And who's the one who said we should all stick together," says Stan. 

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