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Mr Booth tells Jane Smith that he would like her to try and make friends with Tina. 
Mr Booth takes coffee to Meg and David in the sitting room and tells them that Carney saw Lord Lanchester's valet Billing in a pub and he told Carney that he hadn't been paid for nearly two months.  "I suppose that means his lordship is penniless," says David.
David has a phone call from Cliff Leyton who tells him that he is sending him two mechanics.  "That will sort Baines out," David tells Meg.  David tells Mr Walton that the mechanics Cliff Leyton is sending are prepared to work all night if need be.  He asks Mr Walton to keep this information to himself for the moment, not realising that Jim Baines has heard their conversation.
Jim Baines tells Stan Harvey and Norman Finn that he overheard Mr Walton and David Hunter talking about scab labour taking over their jobs.  He says they are going to sit in the garage all night to prevent any scabs getting into the garage.  Jim sends Norman off to tell his wife Muriel Baines what is happening.
Norman arrives back at the garage a short time later carrying a package.  "She said keep it up.  She's with you all the way" Norman tells Jim.  "What a woman, Norman," says Jim Baines taking some blankets from the package.  He unrolls the blankets Muriel gave them and they are full of holes.  Stan bursts out laughing.  "What a woman," says Stan.  "She said if you think you're having the best blankets off her bed to sleep in a dirty garage then you've got another thing coming," says Norman.
Lord Lanchester finds David at the reception desk.  "I've come to bid you farewell young fellow," he says.  Lord Lanchester pays his bill by cheque which he dates October 1st.  "I'm afraid I can't accept a post dated cheque," says David.  "You're not going to be tiresome about this are you?" asks Lanchester.  "In other words you can't pay your bill at presenet," says David.  "Exactly," answers Lanchester.
Vera receives a phone call for Meg from France.  David tells Vera to ask Sandy to make sure he leaves a number so that Meg can call him back.  
Jill goes into the garage where she finds the men.  "I heard you were intending to stay the night here and that you wanted some thing," she tells Stan.  "Yes that's right love.  Just a few blankets and a toothbrush," says Stan.  "Well here they are then," says Jill and dumps a suitcase on the floor.  "But what do I need that for?" asks Stan.  "Everything's in there.Oh except for your blue suit.  That's still at the cleaners," says Jill.  "But what do I need a suit for?" asks Stan.  "Well I don't.  In fact I don't need any of your things ever again!" shouts Jill and storms out.
Simon Wittaker and Carole Hewson go out to dinner.  Simon tells her that he loves her but Carole says it can't go on because she is older than him. 
David and Lord Lanchester talk about his financial problems in the office.  David tells Lord Lanchester that he can't go on moving into hotels he can't afford.  "I just have," says Lanchester.  "Besides I have some money.  My pension.  It comes in every week like clockwork," he adds.  "But to get your pension I imagine you have to go home and in your present state I think that's the best thing to do.  Stop running about, staying in hotels you can't afford, and go back home to your family," says David.  "I would if I could but I can't.  I haven't got a family or a home.  It was sold off years ago to pay the death duties.  So I'll have to go on staying in this rabbit hutch until things level up," says Lanchester.

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