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Meg tells Sandy that Hugh wants her to put the motel and the garage into Hugh's company Mortimer Investments.  Sandy tells her that she should wait until David gets back from holiday but Meg says Hugh doesn't want to wait that long.
Stan takes a job in the motel garage.
John Sackville asks Diane out again and this time she accepts. 
Sandy goes to the garage to see Stan and slips on a patch of oil, dropping one of his crutches.  Stan grabs hold of Sandy and props him up against the wall.  "Well, get my crutch.  I'm not a fly you know.  I can't stick to the wall for ever," says Sandy, angrily.  "What's the matter with you?" asks Stan.  "I'm a cripple, that's what's the matter," shouts Sandy.
Joe Shaw, an old friend of Sandy's who is also disabled, visits the motel and asks Sandy to come on a trip with him.  Sandy is uncertain, saying that so much could go wrong.
Shughie McFee fixes Dot Smith up as an escort with Mr Hobday.  On another occasion Dot Smith escorts Mr Jones.
Meg decides to make Hugh a partner in all that she owns.  Hugh asks Faye if he can see the records of all the motel annual general meetings.
Sandy tells Meg that he has decided to go on the trip with Joe Shaw but only as far as the Mediterranean coast.
Benny watches John Sackville and Diane return to the farm after their date.  He waits in the other room, unseen, listening to their conversation.  John Sackville tells Diane that he is serious about her and moves to kiss her, but Benny comes into the room, interupting them.  Sackville leaves in a bad mood.
In the garage Jim Baines and Stan are not getting on very well and after another argument Stan storms into the sitting room and tells Meg and Hugh that he is packing the job in.
A Mr Howes arrives at the motel and tells Shughie McFee that he has been sent by the escort bureau and he understands that Shughie can find someone to keep him company.  Shughie says he knows just the person.  He arranges for Dot Smith to be Mr Howes escort.
Sandy tells Joe Shaw that he has decided to go on the trip with him, but not just to the Mediteranean, but round the world.  Meg is furious with Joe Shaw for putting the idea into Sandy's head.  Meg tells Sandy to have a medical check-up before he leaves.  When Sandy returns from the doctor he tells Meg that the doctor advised not to go on the trip.  However, Sandy says he is going to go on that trip despite the doctors advice.  Joe is very surprised when Meg tells him this and promises Meg that he will try and persuade Sandy against going.

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