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Vera finds a letter addressed to Doug Randalls wife in Gus Harmons pocket.  She asks Gus about it.  "He asked me to deliver it to Paula.  He's asking for a divorce so he can marry you," says Gus.
Diane goes out with John Sackville and she takes him back to the farm.  Sackville makes a pass at Diane and Diane pushes him away.  "Leave her alone" says Benny, coming into the room.  "Benny, get out," says Diane.  "But he hurt you Miss Diane," says Benny, walking towards Sackville.  John Sackville picks up the nearest object, a soup ladel, and hits out at Benny.  Benny grabs Sackville and throws him onto the table.  John Sackville wriggles free of Benny's grasp and makes a hurried exit.  Diane makes Benny promise that he won't touch Sackville again.  She explains that Ed Lawton depends on Sackville's good will so Benny musn't antagonise him. 
Joe Shaw talks to Sandy about their forthcoming trip, and says he is having second thoughts about it.  "Now what would I do if you went down with something nasty in the middle of nowhere," says Joe.  Sandy realises that his mother has been speaking to Joe.
John Sackville see's Diane and tells her that he is going to get rid of Benny.  "But where would he go?" asks Diane.  "That's his problem.  But I'm going to make sure he gets the hell out of here," threatens Sackville.  Diane tells her uncle, Ed Lawton, about Sackville's threat.
Hugh offers Stan the job as manager of the Crossroads garage instead of Mr Walton. 
Ed Lawton tells Benny that he doesn't need him on the farm any longer. 
Jill comes to say goodbye to Sandy before he leaves on his trip with Joe Shaw.  "Well, this is it," says Jill.  "Yes.  Well I'll see you in six months," says Sandy.  "Well goodbye then, and take care," says Jill and runs out crying.  "It's not easy is it," says Brian.  "No.  But I tell you something.  That's the last.  I can't take anymore of that.  I'll pull a fast one in the morning.  I'm leaving at the crack of dawn.  If it's like that with Jill you can imagine hwat it'll be like with mum," says Sandy.  "You mean, you're going to pull out without saying a word?" asks Brian.  "Well, there are other ways of saying goodbye," Sandy tells him, and begins writing a letter to his mother.
The following morning, Meg is puzzled that Sandy isn't up and about yet.  Brian gives her the letter from Sandy, and tells her that Sandy thought it was better if he left early.  Hugh Mortimer rushes in with some champagne to help send Sandy off but Meg tells him that Sandy has already left.
She hands him the letter and Hugh reads 'Dear Mum.  We decided that the best time to get cracking was when the dawn cracked.  So try to forgive me for not waiting about to say goodbye personally.  The fact is I didn't want to put my stiff upper lip at risk.  Anyway, what sort of son is it who'd drag his mother out of bed at such an hour just for him to say so long.  I shall try to write to you everyday but if there isn't always a card or a letter don't send out a search party.  Blame the post office, or writers cramp or simply that the carrier pigeon has eloped with a beautiful budgie.  With all my love Sandy.  P.S.  I know you will understand everything that I have written."
John Sackville goes to the farm as Benny is packing to leave.  "Going away are you?" he says sarcastically.  "You know I am, because of you," says Benny.  Sackville asks Diane if she will be staying on and Diane says yes, but only until her aunt is better.  "You leave her be," warns Benny.  Diane goes out of the room momentarily.  "Good riddence," says John Sackville to Benny.  "I hates you.  I hates you rotten," says Benny.  Sackville picks up an ornament that Benny bought for Diane.  "Benny, you've forgotten this," he says, and throws the ornament to Benny.  The ornament smashes to the floor.  "Oh I'm terribly sorry," says Sackville.  "You shouldn't have done that," shouts Benny, and leaves.
A woman books into the motel and asks Mrs Witton if they have someone called Vera Downend working at the motel.  "Are you a friend of hers?" asks Mrs Witton.  "No.  She's a friend of Doug Randalls," says the woman.  "Oh yes.  I've met him," says Mrs Witton.  "I'm his wife, Paula," says the woman.

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