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Brian Jarvis tells the rest of the dinner party that he isn't going out with Faye anymore because she has found someone else.  Jill almost lets slip that she knows who it is and when Brian and Stan press her to tell them Jill says they must ask Faye herself.  
Ed Lawton tells Benny that he has noticed he is fond of Diane, and warns him not to get too involved because some women can try it on a bit.  "She ain't no woman.  She's a lady, a real lady and I'd do anything for her," says Benny. 
Brian catches Faye as she leaves the motel for the evening, and asks if he can have a word.  "Look Jill told me about you and ..." he says.  "Sandy," says Faye.  "What!" says Brian.  "You mean you didn't know.  Brian that was a cheat," she says angrily.  "Sandy.  But thats ... I mean you can't.  And all the time you kept me hanging on and it was him all the time.  Faye, you've made me look a fool.  You could have told me.  Where is he!" says Brian, angrily, and rushes off.
John Sackville comes to the farm to see Ed Lawton but Diane tells him that her uncle is out.  John Sackville tells Diane that Peggy Lawton's injury is worse because Benny was stupid enough to move her.  Sackville hears Ed Lawton and Benny arriving and makes himself scarce.  "That's funny.  John Sackville never usually hangs around for me.  Maybe there's another attraction," says Ed, looking at Diane.  "He does nothing for me," says Diane.  Diane asks Benny to help her light the fire.  "I hates that high and mighty John Sackville," says Benny, and angrily breaks a log over his knee.
Brian shouts at Sandy for not telling him about him and Faye.  Sandy explains to Brian that he had a thing about Faye from the beginning.  "look I don't know what you're worried about anyway.  There's no future in it," says Sandy.  "That's where you're wrong.  Do you know why?  Because she feels safe with you," says Brian.
David approaches the half-open door of the sitting room and hears Hugh Mortimer on the telephone.  "Yes.  David.  Ok," he hears Hugh say.  David goes into the sitting room and asks Hugh if there have been any phone calls for him, but Hugh says no, only a few business calls for himself.
Kelly meets David in reception and asks how his visit to the doctor for his smallpox vaccination went.  "What?  Fine.  It didn't hurt a bit," says David, absentmindedly.  Kelly notices he is looking gloomy and asks him what's wrong.  "I just heard Hugh on the phone," David tells her.  "Well?" asks Kelly.  "He's cooking up something and the worst thing is it involves me," says David.
John Sackville asks Diane out to dinner but she doesn't accept.
David and Kelly go to dinner at Meg and Hugh's cottage.  Hugh tells David that the International Board of Directors is holding their annual conference in England.  "At the Crossroads Motel," he says.
David and Kelly leave for Istanbul.
Diane opens a letter from the pools and asks Benny to read something out to her whilst she is doing something else.  Benny gets a little agitated and says he hasn't got the time to read.  Diane looks at him.  "You can't read, can you?" she says.  Benny picks up a comic from the table and looks at it.  "You know I can.  You've seen me read all the time," says Benny, throws down the comic angrily, and walks out.  Diane picks up the comic and see's that it is all pictures and there are no words.      

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