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Sandy tells Stan that the motel needs a handyman and he could do the job.  "What do you take me for.  I'm no handyman.  Look I appreciate it Sandy but we don't need any charity, ok," says Stan.  "Look Stan.  It isn't charity.  When Mum first asked me to become assistant manager I thought she was doing it out of pity and I told her that if she wanted an assistant manager to advertise.  And do you know what she did?  She advertised," says Sandy.  "Sandy.  I don't want you to take this wrong, but if you want a handyman, you advertise," says Stan and leaves.
Shughie McFee asks Dot Smith if she would like to help run an escort bureau. 
Stan tells Jill about the job as handyman that Sandy offered him, and she says it's a wonderful idea.
Diane apologises to Benny about teasing him about not being able to read.  Benny says he never learnt to read because he had to stay at home to look after his gran who was always drunk.  Diane says she will teach him to read if he wants. 
Meg talks to Faye about Sandy.  Faye says she is very happy and hopes that Sandy will ask her to marry him.  Meg tells her she must be sure because there is so much Sandy can't do for himself.
Diane gives Benny a childrens book to help him with his reading.  "I don't want this, it's a babies book.  Look, it's full of pictures," he says.  "Benny don't be stupid," says Diane.  "I'm not stupid.  I don't want a babies book, I'm not a baby," says Benny.  "You've got to start somewhere," Diane tells him.  "I don't want no babies book," shouts Benny and tears up the book.
Sandy talks to Faye alone and tells her that he already has a mother, a sister and a nurse but what he wants ia a wife.  "But you're not ready for that," he says.  He kisses her but she pulls away.  "Now do you see what I mean," he says.  Faye realises that she only loved Sandy because she feels safe with him.
Vera reads out a postcard from Diane which says 'Benny and me are getting along famously.  He's given me a kid.'  "I knew that Benny was trouble," says Vera.
Hugh tells Meg that he has set up his own company called Mortimer Investments and he has made her a director.
Vera goes to see Diane at the farm and asks her how she is.  Vera says she shouldn't be working.  "Why are you worrying about me?" asks Diane.  "You mean you don't know what I'm talking about," says Vera throwing the postcard down on the table.  "It says there 'Benny has given me a kid'"  Diane realises what Vera means and bursts out laughing.     

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