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Amy cleans the church.  She dusts the organ, then sits down and tinkles the keys.  "Billy," she sobs.  "Amy," says a voice from behind her.  Jane Smith goes to Amy and comforts her.
Carney takes Harry Brice into the potting shed and Harry tells him that the puppy Carney has belongs to his daughter and he has reason to believe it was stolen.
Jane tells Meg that she has found Amy.  "She wants to talk to you Mrs Mortimer," says Jane.  "Tell her to come in," says Meg.  "She won't come to the motel," says Jane, so Meg suggests she takes Amy to the cottage.  Meg tells Amy that she would be better among friends, but Amy says she has to find somewhere where she can start again and where no one knows her.
Benny and Diane wait anxiously for news of Peggy Lawton.  Ed Lawton tells them that his wife has a broken hip.  Diane says she will stay on at the farm to help out.
Meg suggests that Amy takes a job at the motel mending the laundry, that way she will be away from the public. 
Carney tells Vera that he has been to see Harry Brice's daughter and there is no way he can keep the puppy.   
Sandy suggests to Faye that they go on holiday together, and Faye likes the idea.   Brian Jarvis finds Faye in the sitting room and notices that she is in a happy mood.  He guesses there is another man in her life, and Faye doesn't deny it.
Brian tells Sandy that he was talking to Faye earlier and she more or less confirmed that there was another man.  "He's a lucky man, whoever he is," says Sandy.  "Yes, but he won't be when I catch up with him," says Brian. 
Later, Faye tells Sandy that she has made all the plans for their holiday, but Sandy tells her that she should go with her boyfriend.  "What?" asks Faye.  "There is another man, isn't there?  Brian just told me," says Sandy.  Faye kneels next to Sandy's wheelchair.  "Come on, you can tell me.  Is there another man?" asks Sandy.  "Yes," admits Faye.  "Anyone I know?" asks Sandy.  "It's you Sandy.  Now I know why I didn't get on with Brian.  I love you Sandy," says Faye.
David and Kelly look at a map of Istanbul.  Kelly tells him that they have been invited to dinner with Hugh and Meg at the cottage, but she notices David doesn't look too happy at the prospect.  "I thought you'd be glad of a night out.  You and Meg get on so well together," says Kelly.  "Meg's fine.  It's just that I don't like the idea of going back to the cottage.  I haven't been there for nearly a year and it will seem a bit strange," says David.  "What was she like.  You never talk about her," asks Kelly.  "Laura.  Oh she was a wonderful person in every way.  We had too much in common, and we thought we could build a life on it," says David.  "Do you still miss her?" asks Kelly.  "No.  But what have we got in common," says David.  "Absolutely nothing," they both say together.  "Except the coincidence that we happened to fall in love with each other," says Kelly.  "And that means everything to me," says David.
Jill notices how happy Sandy is and he tells her that Faye told him that she is in love with him.  Jill is delighted but Sandy asks her to keep it to herself for now.
Brian, Jill, Sandy and Stan go to Meg and Hugh's cottage for dinner.  During dinner Hugh Mortimer brings up the subject of Stan's electrical shop which he had to sell.  He asks Stan if he has found another job and Stan says he has had some offers.                 

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