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Brian Jarvis asks Faye to have lunch with him but Faye says she is busy.  Brian reminds her about their date that evening but Faye says she isn't sure.  "Don't tell me you're too busy for that too," says Brian.  "Brian, I don't know," says Faye.  "I'm in love with you Faye," says Brian.  "Brian, I don't feel the same way about you.  I thought I loved you, but I don't.  Yes, I'm very fond of you but nothing more," says Faye. 
David is in his office working and he telephones through to the kitchen to order some sandwiches to be sent in.  Kelly comes into the office with a picnic basket.  "You know, I've just had a brain wave.  Kelly, I said to myself, now instead of having lunch in a stuffy restaurant why not have a picnic.  So I got some food off Shughie McFee," says Kelly.  "Kelly, my love, have you looked out of a window recently," asks David.  "Oh is it raining," says Kelly.  "Yes in buckets.  If you think I'm going to sit out in that, under an umbrella or something..."says David.  "No, but I've just had another brainwave.  Why not have our picnic in here," says Kelly.     
Brian tells Sandy that he has been stood up by Faye.  He says he suspects there is another man involved. 
David and Kelly sit in the room at the motel which David is using as a living area.  David sits on the floor with his back against a settee, and Kelly sits next to him.  She asks him if he would like more wine.  "We could drink in glasses," says David.  "A picnic wouldn't be the same without plastic beakers," says Kelly, pouring some more wine.  "Don't you think we could have a bit of comfort.  I mean, I'm not even allowed to sit in an armchair," says David. 
"Kelly, don't you think it's about time we made plans for our future," says David, seriosuly.  "I've already made mine.  I wrote a note to the man who wanted the job in Istanbul done, and told him that I wanted to pospone the job for personal reasons.  And what could be more personal than this," says Kelly as she kisses David.  "I have to go to Istanbul in two weeks time," she says.  "That's not long enough," says David.  "I've got to go this time.  I can't put it off any longer," says Kelly.  "But we can still be together because when you fly out to Istanbul I'm going to take my holidays and come with you," says David.  Kelly shrieks and flings her arms around David's neck.
Benny runs into the farm kitchen saying something about Daisy the cow doing something terrible.  He tells Diane and her uncle, Ed Lawton, that he went into the barn and found Peggy Lawton lying on the floor with Dolly standing over her.
Jane Smith goes to the church where Amy is and meets Mr Patterson, the church warder.  She tells him she is looking for a friend and describes Amy to him. 
Sandy notices a man hanging around outside the motel.  He tells David.  "I think we're just about to find out what he wants," says David as the man comes into the motel.  "Can I help you Sir?" asks David.  "I'm looking for a man called Sam Carne," says the man.  "Carney?" asks Sandy.  "Yes, that's him," says the man.  Carney comes into reception and Sandy tells Carney that there is someone who wants to see him.  "Yes, I believe you have something I'm interested in, a puppy," says the man.  

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