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Sandy is on reception duty.  "Hello, I'm back," calls a familiar voice.  "Kelly!  I thought you'd be halfway to Istanbul by now," says Sandy.  "I wish I could make up my mind and then maybe I wouldn't have second thoughts about everything," says Kelly.  "What's happened this time?" asks Sandy.  "I couldn't go through with it.  I wrote a polite note to the man who asked me to do the job and told him that  I changed my mind and didn't want to do the job after all," says Kelly.  "Don't you think they will be getting a bit fed up with you.  I mean this is the second time you've gone back on your word," says Sandy.  "I know everybody's against me, and I know I'm a mess but the fact is, I don't really care.  I kept thinking about David all the time.  Every minute I could remember the way he looked when I left.  He just stood there.  It was awful.  I missed him so much," says Kelly.  "Where is he?  Is he in his office?" she asks.  "No.  He went looking for you," says Sandy.  "What?  In London?" asks Kelly.  "Or Istanbul," says Sandy.  "Oh no!"
The warden at the Salvation Army Hostel tells Meg and Jane that Amy has left the hostel and no one knows where she has gone.  As Meg and Jane leave the office, they meet Maudie in the corridor who tells them that she is the one who telephoned about Amy.  Maudie tells them that she doesn't know where Amy has gone.  "So we start looking for Amy again.  But in all the Midlands, where so we begin," says Meg.
Kelly wheels Sandy in his wheelchair into the sitting room, and she asks him what she should do.  "Well, what would you do?" asks Sandy.  "Go to my hotel and cry," answers Kelly.  "Yes, well I can't see David doing that somehow," says Sandy.  Seeing Kelly's despair he says, "Look cheer up.  He's bound to get to the airport and check the passenger list to see if you've gone or not,"  "Only one snag.  My name is on flight 554," says Kelly.  She says she will phone the airport and get them to keep David from getting on the flight.
Peggy Lawton tells Benny that Diane might be going back to the motel, and Benny is very unhappy about it.  Peggy tells Diane that Benny has taken quite a shine to her.
Vera tells Sandy that when Carney went to see Diane at the farm he got the impression that she wasn't very happy there, so he told her to come back to the motel.  Sandy says they haven't got any jobs for Diane except as a part-time waitress which Diane wouldn't like.
Faye tells Avis that she is glad to be working with Sandy as he is easy to talk to.  Avis asks Faye what she is going to do about Brian, and Faye says she will have to tell him it's all over between them.
David Hunter walks into reception and Vera asks him if he had a nice holiday.  "No I did not," says David.  "Where did you go?" asks Vera.  "London," answers David.  Kelly comes into reception and see's David.    
Amy Turtle wanders into a church and is befriended by the church warder, Mr Patterson, who arranges a place for her to stay.  Amy says she can't pay but she can clean the church instead. 
David joins Meg and Hugh in the sitting room and Meg asks him what went wrong with his holiday.  "I'll go into that later," says David.  Hugh tells David that he will be conducting his business from the motel for a while until he gets the phone installed at the cottage.

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