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Kelly finds David in reception and says her goodbyes.  "So you'll come come back whenever your job brings you back to King's Oak," says David.  "Oh don't worry, I'll be back," promises Kelly.  She kisses David quickly and rushes out of the motel.
Faye tells Sandy that sometimes she thinks she is in love with Brian, but she knows it wouldn't work out.  She tells Sandy that she wishes she could feel as relaxed with Brian as she does with him.  Jill comes into the room and, seeing Faye kneeling next to Sandy, she excuses herself and says she'll come back.  Faye tells Jill to stay and then leaves Jill with Sandy.  "I knew you had something wrong with you," says Jill.  "What?" asks Sandy.  "I saw the way you looked at her.  You're in love with Faye aren't you" says Jill.    
Meg and Hugh Mortimer return to the Motel from their honeymoon.
Sandy tells David that Kelly must be halfway to Istanbul by now.  He asks David why he didn't go with Kelly.  "But how do I know she wants me out there?" asks David.  "Of course she does.  Do you know what she told me.  She said she had to go before she got too involved and she didn't want you to get hurt.  Believe me, she was having second thoughts," says Sandy.  "But she doesn't feel the same way as I do," says David.  "I wouldn't be too sure about that David," says Sandy.  "Did she really says that?" asks David.  At that moment Meg comes in and Sandy and David welcome her back.
Maudie telephones the motel and gives them the address of the Salvation Army Hostel where they will find Amy Turtle. 
David asks Meg if she would mind if he took a few weeks holiday.
Benny Hawkins, who works on Diane's uncle and aunt's farm, makes Diane feel uncomfortable by giving her some dead flowers.  Diane tells her aunt Peggy that she is thinking of going back to the motel.  Peggy tells her not to leave because of Benny.  "He's just like a big kid," she says. 
Meg and Jane set off for the Salvation Army Hostel to find Amy. 
David prepares to leave for Istanbul.  He tells Sandy that he might be going on a wild goose chase a.  "I mean, how do I know she even wants me out there," he says.  "You're going after her because she means a lot to you," says Sandy.  "Oh well, I'm flying off tonight anyway.  The thing is, how do I find her.  I knock on every door in Istanbul.  Ok, say it.  I'm mad," says David.  "I was just going to wish you good luck," says Sandy.  "Thanks.  Well, I'll see you when I see you," says David, and leaves.
Hugh Mortimer tells Sandy that he and Meg are moving into David's old cottage the following day.  "Sandy, there was a time when you didn't want me to marry your mother, wasn't there?" asks Hugh.  "You're mum's choice.  So it doesn't matter what I think does it," says Sandy.  "Oh but it does.  I want us to be real good friends, and I care very much how things go between us," says Hugh.

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