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After they have dinner David takes Kelly back to his flat for a drink.  They listen to music with David on the settee and Kelly sitting on the floor with her back against the settee.  "I like this," says David.  "You wouldn't have bought it if you didn't like it," says Kelly.  "I dind't mean the music," says David.  "I've enjoyed this evening," says Kelly, sitting beside David.  David moves forward to kiss her.  "I like you," she says.  David tells Kelly that he wants to know all about her but Kelly says she is a really boring person.  Kelly says she's very happy and they shouldn't spoil that happiness by asking questions.
Carney tells Vera that he told David Hunter that it was him who took the money not Diane.  He says he expects he will get the sack.  David calls Carney over and Carney asks him when he wants him to leave.  "I don't.  That's if you want to stay.  I've never seen the garden looking better," says David, and walks away smiling.
Diane goes to stay on her aunt and uncle's farm.  
Kelly keeps David company in the office.  Brian Jarvis comes into the office and apologises for interupting.  Kelly says he isn't, and tells David she will meet him later in the bar.  She kisses him, then leaves.  "Oh yes," says Brian.  "You know what these journalists are like, very warmhearted," says David.  "What about this article she was doing?" asks Brian.  "Oh she finished that ages ago, but she's staying on for personal reasons," says David.  "Yes I know," grins Brian.
Amy Turtle wanders the streets and meets an elderly lady in a park.  The woman, who introduces herself as Maudie, takes Amy to the Salvation Army Hostel and helps her settle in.
Jane Smith takes David some coffee into the sitting room.  The phone rings and Jane answers it.  "Kelly?  No she's not here," says Jane into the phone receiver.  David takes the phone from her.   
Vera gives Carney Diane's address at the farm and tells him that Diane may not come back to the motel because she thinks David Hunter still suspects her of taking the wage packet.  Carney says she will go and see Diane and tell her that it's all been cleared up.
Kelly goes to the sitting room where she finds David working.  "Come on, let's go for a walk in the garden," she suggests.  "Not now Kelly, I'm busy," answers David.  "Oh chuck up your work for a few hours," says Kelly.  "No.  I've got to do this now," says David.  "At least give us a smile," teases Kelly.  "Have you finished," says David, angrily.  "What's wrong?" asks Kelly.  "Mr Fairley phoned from Istanbul and said they looked forward to seeing you next week," says David.  "Oh David," says Kelly, looking down.  "Why didn't you tell me?" asks David.  "I was going to David.  I can't stay here.  I must go away," says Kelly.
The warden of the Salvation Army Hostel where Amy is staying telephones someone and tells them that they believe they have a missing person at the hostel by the name of Amy Turtle.  Maudie tells Amy that the warden knows who she is and advises Amy to go away.   

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