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Kate Hamilton asks Toni Ross to stay behind at lunchtime because Lucy would like to see her.  Kate explains that Lucy was the one who phoned Steven Bryant.
Benny asks Maureen if he can talk to her, and he says Seamus told him about her and Pat Grogan being engaged.  Maureen assures Benny that it isn't true.
Lucy arrives in the office and Kate leaves her alone with Toni.  Lucy apologises to Toni for the trouble she has caused.  Toni asks her why she did it.  "Is it anything to do with David Hunter?" asks Toni.  "I can't say," replies Lucy.  "If you're jealous you've no need.  Of course you might be jealous for someone else," suggests Toni.   
Later Toni Ross tells David that Lucy admitted she contacted Steven Bryant.  Toni tells him that she is leaving.  "I shall always be grateful to you David.  You've been super about everything," she says.  "I'll miss you," says David.  "I'll miss you too David.  A lot," says Toni. 
That evening at the cottage, David tells Kate he doesn't understand why Lucy wanted to cause trouble for Toni.  Kate tells him that Lucy dreamt up this fantasy about them being together, that David might take the place of her father.  "Me, Lucy's step-father," laughs David.  "I'm sorry.  I've embarrassed you," says Kate.  "No, I'm rather flattered," says David. 
Sidney O'Neil tells Vera that he won't be winning the car but he is going to Paris instead.  He asks her if she has ever been to Paris.
Meg see's Stan and guesses that he knows the full story about the baby.  Stan says he wants to know who the father is but Jill won't tell him.
Anthony Mortimer goes to see Jill Harvey at Chimney's and tells her that he knows about the baby.  He asks if the baby is his and Jill says yes.  Anthony tells her that he will be staying around to help her.
Stan tells Meg that he will find out who the father of Jill's child is.  "Somehow I'll find out and when I do God help me, I'll kill him," says Stan. 
Lucy asks Kate where David is.  Kate tells Lucy that she had to tell David about her silly ideas about them.  She says her and David can't even talk to each other now.  "You realise we can't go on living here now," says Kate.  Lucy says if they leave it would only be admitting that she is in love with David.
Pat Grogan goes looking for Seamus Flynn but finds Benny alone near the caravan belonging to Seamus and Maureen.  Benny says he knows Seamus was lying when he said that Pat and Maureen were engaged.  Pat assures Benny that he had nothing to do with it.  He asks Benny if they can be friends and they shake hands. 
Kate tells David that to save further embarrassement she thinks it would be better if her and Lucy move out of the cottage.  David says it would be more sensible if he moved out and back into his flat at the motel.
Vera tells Jane Smith that Sidney O'Neil has invited her to Paris.  A little later on Sidney shows Vera and Jim Baines a letter from Gocol Head Office to say that he has been disqualified from the competition.
Toni Ross comes to the motel to say goodbye.  She apologises to Kate Hamilton for accusing her of contacting Steven Bryant.  Toni says David is a nice person and she is grateful to him.  "But I won't be seeing him again after I leave here.  So good luck," she says. 
Toni goes to the office to see David and he tells her that he is moving out of the cottage.  "Has it ever occured to you that Kate would make an ideal wife" says Toni.  "You're as bad as Lucy.  I hope you realise I'd be saddled with Lucy as a step daughter," laughs David.  They leave the office together.  Lucy emerges from the shadows having overheard their conversation.
Later Jane Smith finds Lucy Hamilton in the office sobbing, and asks her what is wrong.  "They all hate me, and I hate them," says Lucy.  She tells Jane that she was the one who phoned Steven Bryant.  "I was sick of Toni Ross going out with David.  It was making Mum unhappy," she says.  She tells Jane that she overheard Toni Ross and David talking about Kate and her and treating them as a joke.  She asks Jane to come to the cottage later for a chat and Jane agrees.
Pat Grogan tells Maureen Flynn that if he had known what Seamus was up to he wouldn't have agreed to come.  He wishes Maureen and Benny all the best.
Jill Harvey goes to the motel and has afternoon tea in the office with Sandy and Lynne Baxter.
David and Kate arrive home to the cottage and David tells Lucy that he will be moving out.  "Oh," says Lucy, smiling.  She goes upstairs, leaving David very puzzled.
Once they are alone Lynne asks Sandy if he noticed that Jill was worried about something.  Lynne says she is sure that Jill is pregnant.  Sandy says if that were the case then Jill would be over the moon about it.  "Well what's up then?" asks Sandy.

1977 Episodes continued

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