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Sharon Metcalfe and Jim Baines search for Stan Harvey, and Sharon says that Stan has been in a funny mood lately.  "There's something wrong somewhere," she says.
Seamus Flynn tells Pat Grogan to leave but Pat says he quite likes it here and he might find himself a job.  "Job.  You'll never get a job around here," says Seamus.  "We'll have to see about that won't we," says Pat.
Sandy asks Meg what is wrong with Jill.  Meg tells him that Jill is pregnant.
David tells Meg that he is moving back to the motel.  Kate says she feels as if she is turning David out but David says it's more sensible for him to move out than Lucy and Kate.
Stan finally turns up at the garage and Sharon tells him that there have been a lot of phone calls for him.
Pat Grogan tells Maureen and Benny that he is going to get a job in the area.
Meg asks David if there has been an upset between him and Kate and David explains that Lucy has decided that he and Kate are in love with each other, so to save embarrassment he thought it would be better to move out.
Maureen Flynn asks Benny if they could get married sooner but Benny says they can't as they have already sent out the wedding invitations.
Meg tells Stan that she has told Sandy that Jill is pregnant but she didn't give him any details.  She says David has also guessed that something is wrong.
Sharon Metcalfe asks Stan if he has made an important phone call to Ferguson's about the renewal of their contract but Stan says he hasn't.  "But todays the deadline," says Sharon.  "Don't nag.  I'll do it in the morning.  Goodnight," says Stan and leaves the garage.
Jane Smith goes to the cottage to see Lucy Hamilton.
Stan Harvey tries to phone Ferguson's but can't get an answer.  Jim Baines reminds him that the contract is worth a lot of money.  "Just because you've got personal problems it doesn't mean you have to take it out on the staff," says Jim.  Stan warns Jim not to lecture him.
Kate Hamilton arrives home at the cottage and finds Jane Smith talking to Lucy.  Jane says she was just passing so she thought she would come in and have a chat with Lucy.  Jane leaves.  Kate tells Lucy that she was very rude to David last night.  "I thought you liked David," says Kate.  Lucy says she only liked David because Kate wanted her to.
Stan Harvey tells Jill that he hoped that she wouldn't have the baby, but Jill tells him that she is going to keep it.  "And what happens when the fella finds out?" asks Stan.  "Oh he knows..." says Jill.  "You mean you've been seeing him.  You have the nerve to go on seeing him.  You don't give a damn what I'm going through!" shouts Stan.  He grabs Jill by the arms.  "Look, whose is it?  Either you tell me whose it is or this is the last time you see me out of the law courts," says Stan.  "It's Anthony.  Anthony Mortimer," says Jill.  "Anthony Mortimer.  Whay did he have to pick on you.  He's got birds around him like wasps around a jam jar," says Stan.
Maureen Flynn asks Jane Smith's advice on her wedding dress.  Vera Downend tells Maureen that she will do her and Benny's hair for free as a wedding present.
Sharon Metcalfe and Jim Baines are about to leave the garage for the day when the phone rings.  Sharon answers it and tells Mr Ferguson that Stan is out.  Jim tells Sharon that he will talk to him because he knows what Stan wants.  Jim takes the phone.  "Hello, this is Stan Harvey speaking," he says. 

1977 Episodes continued

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