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At the party Vera Downend tells Kate and David that Sidney O'Neil is so sure of winning the Gocol competition, but that he is going to take the second prize of a trip to Paris instead of the car.  "He must have someone lined up to take to Paris," says Vera.  "It could be you," David whispers in Vera's ear. 

Jill excuses herself from her guests and goes upstairs to sleep off a headache.  Shortly after Stan goes upstairs and finds Jill laying on the bed.  He asks her what she is running away from.  "You know don't you?" asks Jill.  "Most of it," answers Stan.  He says Doctor Butterworth told him thinking that he already knew.  "Aren't you over the moon.  You know how much we've wanted one.  I though you'd be pleased.  next you'll be telling me it isn't mine," says Stan with a little laugh.  Jill stares at him, then buries her face in the pillow, sobbing.  Stan realises what this means.  "Well?" he asks.  Jill says she was going to tell him.  Stan demands to know who the father is.

Meg see's Stan a short time later and guesses that he knows.  Jill comes downstairs to see her guests out.  David kisses Jill on the cheek as he leaves and tells her to take care.  Anthony Mortimer kisses Jill on the cheek and whispers.  "You ok?"  Jill nods.

Meg and Ingrid Larson clear up after the party and Meg asks Ingrid if Jill confided in her.  Before Ingrid can answer Jill comes into the kitchen.

David and Kate arrives home at the cottage after the party and find Lucy watching a Dracula film on television.  David stares at the screen for a moment.  "Well I'm going to sink my fangs into my pillow.  I hope you have pleasant dreams Lucy.  Goodnight.  Goodnight Kate," he says and goes upstairs. 

Kate tells Lucy that she wants to talk to her.  "Can't it wait until tomorrow?" asks Lucy.  "No it's important.  Toni Ross was at the party tonight," says Kate.  She tells Lucy that Toni told her that Steven Bryant received an anonymous phone call from a woman, and she believes Lucy had something to do with it.  "I did it for you," admits Lucy.  Kate asks her how she found Steven Bryant's contact details and Lucy shows her the letter which she took from Toni Ross's handbag.  "She's evil," says Lucy, and tells Kate that the letter explains all the things Toni did.  "She had an affair with Steven Bryant and because of her his father committed suicide," says Lucy.

Stan asks Jill who the father is but Jill refuses to tell him.  "I'll find out.  That's obvious.  And when I do he won't know what's hit him," says Stan.  Jill says she has been sick with worry at how to tell him.  "Are you going to live with this man?" asks Stan.  "He doesn't know," answers Jill.  "Then it's about time he did.  And you needn't take any sleeping tablets because you've got a lot of thinking to so.  By the morning I want all my questions answered," says Stan.  "I suppose there's no way of saying sorry?" asks Jill.  "No," answers Stan.

Pat Grogan, a friend of Seamus Flynn, arrives at the motel and finds Seamus Flynn in reception. 

Stan tells Jill that there are legal matters to sort out.  Jill says they've got the house and Sarah Jane.  "We can't just chuck it all away," pleads Jill.  Jill says they've got to think about Sarah Jane.

Seamus Flynn invites Maureen and Benny to the motel for a drink.  A few minutes after they have arrived at the motel Pat Grogan comes into the motel.  Seamus acts surprised to see him. 

Stan Harvey goes to the motel office looking for Meg.  Instead he finds Vera, Sidney O'Neil and Jim Baines.  He asks them if they know where Meg is.  "She's gone into Birmingham.  Didn't she tell you?" asks Vera.  "If I knew that I wouldn't be here would I Vera," says Stan and storms out angrily, slamming the door.

Seamus Flynn sits with Benny in reception and watches Maureen and Pat Grogan talking together at the reception desk.  Seamus tells Benny that it's lovely to see Maureen and Pat together.  "Love is a wonderful thing.  Now you see why I couldn't give you my blessing," Seamus tells Benny.        





1977 Episodes continued

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