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Later, David see's Kelly buying a drink at the bar.  "And one for me too," he says to the bartender.  "Does the manager of this motel always force his guests into buying him drinks," says Kelly.  "Why did you stay?  I thought you'd have gone after writing such a good article.  Or were you waiting to catch me off guard," says David.  "Oh I see.  You think I'm staying on just so I can write a nasty last paragraph.  You think I'd do a thing like that.  Well Mr Hunter, you have got a poisonous mind," says Kelly.  "Yes well, I have to double check just like I have to read the small print on a contract," says David. 
"Mr Hunter.  I'm just an ordinary person on holiday," says Kelly.  "But you're no ordinary person," says David.  "Mr Hunter.  You need anholiday.  And you shouldn't read the small print.  It could cause severe eye strain," says Kelly.  "Look, why don't you have dinner with me as a sort of apology," says David.  "I'm sorry Mr Hunter, but I'm used to younger company.  Thanks for the drink," says Kelly and walks away.  
Brian tells Sandy that he went to dinner at Faye's flat last night but Avis was there too.  He says she always wants a third person there.  Sandy tells him to shut up about Faye and leaves the room.
Amy's employer, Mrs Milner, asks Amy to smarten herself up.  Amy tells her that she is waiting for her clothes to be sent on to her.  "I thought you didn't have any relatives or friends," says Mrs Milner.  Amy says her landlady is sending them on, and Mrs Milner says perhaps she would send on her insurance card too. 
Brian Jarvis goes to Faye's flat for dinner but finds Avis Tenneson there too.  Avis goes next door to see the landlady Mrs Addy and Faye is uneasy about being alone with Brian.  Brian helps Faye with the washing up.  As Faye dries a plate Brian reaches out to touch her.  She drops the plate.
David see's Kelly having coffee in reception, and she asks him to join her.  David says he has to go into Birmingham to see his accountant, and asks her to come with him if it wouldn't bore her too much.  Kelly accepts.  
Vera Downend finds Carney in the garden and tells him that she knows he took that money.  Carney tells her that Diane put it back for him, but Vera tells him that Diane got caught and is covering up for him.
David and Kelly return from Birmingham and David asks Kelly to have dinner with him. 
Mrs Milner notices that Amy still hasn't smartened herself up.  "Of course, you can't until your landlady sends your clothes, can you Mrs Turtle," says Mrs Milner.  She tells Amy that she found a telegram in her bag.  Mrs Milner asks Amy why she didn't give her real name.  "Only people in trouble hide their names," she says, and asks Amy to leave right away.       

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