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Jane Smith takes a tray into the sitting room where David Hunter is working.  She says it's very quiet now that Reg Hayles and Kelly have left.  Jane leaves the room just as Sandy comes in.  He remarks to David that it's very quiet.  "Not you too.  I've already had Jane in here saying it's quiet now that reg and Kelly have gone," says David.  "Except that she hasn't," says Sandy.  "What?" asks David.  "Reg Hayles went on ahead and Kelly stayed behind," Sandy tells him and David leaves quickly.
David walks into reception where Avis is asking Kelly how long she wil be staying.  "Well that's unpredictable," says Kelly, turning around and smiling at David.  David asks Kelly why she is staying, and Kelly says she doesn't know.  She walks away from the desk.  "Oh and Mr Hunter.  Do be careful of doors won't you," she says.
David finds the missing wage packet in a drawer in the office.  He tells Faye that the missing wage packet has been found.  "I know because I put it there," says Faye.  "I thought so.  You're the only one who has a key," says David.  He asks her who gave it to her, but Faye says she found it.  "I've got to know Faye.  If you found it then why didn't you give it straight to me.  Come on, who gave it to you?" asks David.  "Diane.  She told me she was putting it back for a friend," says Faye.  "I've got to see Diane," says David.  "But everyone understood that if the money was returned no one would ask questions," says Faye.  "Look, I've known Diane for a long time and I can't leave it like that," says David.  
Diane comes to David's office.  He places the wage packet on the desk.  "Have you seen this?" he asks.  "Well you obviously know I have," says Diane.  "What were you doing with it?" asks David.  "I was putting it back for a friend," answers Diane.  "Who are you covering up for?" asks David.  "I'm not covering up for anyone," says Diane.  "So you lied when you said you were putting it back for a friend," asks David.  "No.  Look I was skint and I needed the cash in a hurry, so I took it.  Now are you satisfied," says Diane.  "Not really.  I know you didn't take that money," says David.  "Are you calling me a liar?" asks Diane.  "If I had to choose between thief and liar, I'd choose liar.  Anyway, let's forget it, ok," says David.  "No.  I'm leaving," says Diane.  "Look Diane.  There's no need for that," says David but Diane walks out.          
Vera and Jane are worried about Amy Turtle, but Mrs Witton says it's not their fault if Amy's mad.  Vera says Amy's not mad, but Mrs Witton says she must be if she goes into a shop and pinches childrens toys.  "Amy took those toys because they were the sort Billy used to play with and now he's dead she wanted a little bit of him back," says Vera.
Brian Jarvis tells David that he saw Kelly in reception earlier.  "You know why she's staying.  She's waiting to catch you off your guard to see what the motels really like.  Waiting to add that nasty last paragraph," says Brian.  "Do you think so?" asks David.

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