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Kelly goes to David's office.  "You've got a very good sense of humour" says David and places the musical box in front of her, opening the lid as he does so.  As soon as Kelly recognises the tune she slams the lid shut.  "And you think I would be so childish as to give you this?" she asks.  "Well you did say you were going to give me a parting gift" says David.  "You really think I did this?" asks Kelly.  Kelly tells him she had nothing to do with this.  "I thought you might like to read my articles about the Motel, and after you've read them you'll see that I haven't written anything nasty about your precious Motel" says Kelly putting the papers on the desk in front of David, and walking out.
Kelly finds Reg Hayles waiting in reception and tells him that he shouldn't have given David that musical box.  Reg asks her why she is so bothered.  "It's not as if you care what happens to David Hunter," he says.  Kelly turns away from him.  "Blimey.  You do care, don't you" says Reg. 
Diane goes into the sitting room and is about to put the wage packet back when the telephone rings.  She instinctively picks it up and tells the caller that David Hunter is not available.  Faye Mansfield comes in at that moment.  "I thought I heard the phone ringing...." she says and looks down at the wage packet in Diane's hand.  "I'll take that," says Faye.  Diane explains that she found it.  Faye checks to see if the money is all there and asks Diane why she was trying to put it back secretly.  Diane says she was putting it back for a friend.  Faye asks who she is putting it back for.  "Look you've got your money back so let that be an end to it, ok," says Diane.
Kelly finds David off duty in his flat, listening to music.  She asks him if he has had a chance to look over the articles she wrote.  "Oh yes.  They're good," he says and hands them back to her.  "Is that all?" she asks.  "You've done us justice, thank you," says David.  David says he must turn the music down.  "No it's alright.  I like it.  Look I really must leave you alone.  Goodbye, incase I don't see you before we leave.  And I'm sorry about the eye," says Kelly.
The next day, Kelly goes into the sitting room to say goodbye to Sandy.  She tells him that she will miss everyone.  "I don't know where he is," says Sandy.  "What?" asks Kelly.  "I thought you might be looking for David," says Sandy.  When you see him tell him goodbye for me," says Kelly.  "Just goodbye?" asks Sandy and Kelly nods.  Sandy tells Kelly that she is welcome back here anytime.
Kelly wanders into reception and finds Reg Hayles waiting for her.  "About time too," he says.  "Come on, let's get going then," he says.  Kelly sits down.  "Reg.  Look, you go on ahead.  I'm staying," announces Kelly.  "Oh come on.  You've got a job to do," says Reg.  "No, I'm staying," says Kelly.  "I'll know what to buy you for a wedding present.  A pair of boxing gloves labelled his and hers," says Reg, and Kelly laughs.     

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