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Amy applies for a job as a cleaner for Mrs Milner.  The woman shows her around the house, tells her it's a living in job and that the wages are 6.50 a week.  Amy takes the job and gives her name as Mrs Granger.
Kelly tells Reg Hayles that they are leaving and Reg asks why the sudden urge to go.  Kelly and Reg go into reception where Kelly tells Sandy that she and Reg will be leaving the following day.  "Honestly one minute I'm taking pictures and the next she tells me we're leaving.  Can't think why she wants to get out so quickly," says Reg.  "Why do you think," says Kelly.  "No don't answer that one," she adds.  Kelly turns around and comes face to face with David.  "Good morning Miss Kelly," he says.  "Er, good morning Mr Hunter," says Kelly.  "Everything alright?" David asks Sandy as he takes over behind the reception desk.  "Whoever gave you that, Mohammed Ali," says Reg laughing.
Diane asks Carney where he got the money to pay for the dog, and Carney tells her he got it from his wage packet.  Diane tells him that he has caused a lot of trouble because everyone thinks the wage packet was stolen.  Diane tells Carney that she will replace the money, then put the wage packet back and noone will be any the wiser.
Kelly goes to David's office and returns some papers to him.  She tells him that she will give him a parting gift.  "Black the other one, a matching pair," says David.  Kelly throws the papers on the floor and walks out.
Diane is about to go into the sitting room to put the wage packet back but meets David in the corridor.  He asks her who she is looking for and Diane says Sandy.  David tells her that he is out.  "Can I help?" asks David.  "No thanks.  There's something I wanted to talk to Sandy about," says Diane.  "You sure it isn't something you can tell me?" asks David.  "No.  I think I'll wait till Sandy comes back," says Diane, turning to go.  "Diane.  You knew Sandy wasn't here didn't you?" asks David, and Diane  says yes.  "Then why did you come looking for him?" asks David, but Diane rushes off.
Jane telephones through to Faye and tells her that there is a parcel in reception for David.  David goes to reception and Jane gives him the parcel.  "It isn't your birthday is it?" asks Avis.  "No.  It's a going away present," says David.  David opens it and finds a box.  He opens the lid and it begins to play a tune.  "You know, I know that tune," says Jane.  "So do I," says Avis.  "I remember," says Jane, beginning to hum along to the tune.  Jane and Avis begin singing along.  "And she left him with two lovely black eyes..."  They suddenly stop singing.  David storms off angrily.     

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