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Doug Randall goes to Vera's boat and they have dinner together.  She asks him if he would ever give up the sea and Doug says no.  "I'd better go," he says.  "Can't you stay?" asks Vera.  "When you said that before I thought you meant stay for good," says Doug.  "Why not?" says Vera.  "Look I haven't been straight with you love.  I've got a wife," says Doug.  He tells Vera that he and his wife are separated but not divorced.
Shughie McFee asks Faye Mansfield out but she turns him down.  When Mr Booth asks him what Faye said, Shughie tells him that she accepted. 
David receives a letter from the Evening Illustrated newspaper who want to do a feature on the Motel, and are sending a reporter and a photographer.  David is naturally excited about the publicity.
Stan Harvey sends his apprentice Norman Finn to the motel fix a light in Hugh Mortimer's chalet.
Shughie McFee asks Avis Tenneson out to dinner.  He says he will pick her up at her flat and see her safely back afterwards.
Amy Turtle remarks that the painting Hugh bought for Meg is just another investment for him.  Meg is troubled by the remark and asks Hugh who assures her that he bought the painting for her because he loves her. 
Mr Booth asks Shughie what he is playing at asking Avis out.  "Just imagine me sitting around the table with Avis and Faye.  If I play my cards right I'll be one of the family," says Shughie. 
Meg tells Sandy about the Evening Illustrated newspaper article and the resulting publicity for the motel.  Sandy is pleased but Meg tells him she isn't happy about it.  She tells David that she has been through a lot and doesn't want the publicity.  "As soon as they find out my name they'll immediately bring up Malcolm Ryder, and I don't want that," says Meg and goes out, slamming the door behind her.
David tells Sandy that Meg doesn't want the newspaper publicity and as the last thing he wants to do is upset her, he decides to call it off.
Meg goes to Hugh's chalet and he tells her that he has had the painting framed.  He tells her to close her eyes while he gets the painting to show her.  Meg wrinkles up her nose and tells Hugh that she can smell burning.  Hugh quickly opens the cupboard in his chalet and smoke billows out.  He tries in vain to save the painting from the fire.
David telephones the Evening Illustrated newspaper to tell them that they do not want the motel featured in their paper, but the man tells him it's too late to change their mind.  David tells Meg.  "I could have done better myself," she shouts.  "Why didn't you then.  You're the one who started the whole thing in the first place," David shouts back.   

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