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Shughie McFee hears Faye and Avis talking about the good-for-nothing creep who is living in the flat above Stan's shop, and stopping them from moving in.  Shughie tells them that he is the one living in the flat.  Shughie goes to see Stan and asks if it is true that he is going to be thrown out of the flat.  Stan apologises and says it is all a misunderstanding, and he has no complaints about Shughie as a tenant.
Doug Randall asks Vera Downend to have dinner with him before he sails to Liverpool. 
Jill tells Stan that he could let Wilf work in the shop on a part-time basis.  Stan puts the suggestion to Wilf who accepts the offer.
Stan tells Faye Mansfield that the flat above his shop is not available after all.
Faye talks to Sandy about Brian asking her out to dinner.  She says she didn't want to seem ungrateful to Brian, but she's been through it all before.
Vera is on her boat late one night when she receives a visit from Doug Randall who is supposed to be enroute to Liverpool.  The following day at the motel, Vera tells Jane that Doug has come back.  Mrs Witton overhears and tells Vera that it's no good her thinking he is serious about her because sailors have a girl in every port.
Meg and Hugh have been to Birmingham to enquire about Meg divorce from Malcolm Ryder.  They learn that Ryder has been extradicted to South America.
Meg remarks to Sandy that Faye Mansfield is a very attractive woman.  "I was talking to David yesterday and he is a very lonely man.  If only Faye and him could..." she says.  Hugh Mortimer walks in and asks her what she was saying.  "That David needs cheering up.  We were just rating his chances with Faye Mansfield," says Meg.  "Ummm.  Well David's very attractive, and wealthy from what I hear.  He has everything going for him." says Hugh.  Later, Hugh finds David alone in the office and asks him if he would ever consider getting married again if the right girl came along.  He says Meg feels sorry for him.  "She thinks you could get to know this new secretary Faye Mansfield," says Hugh.  "Oh no.  None of this boss-secretary business.  I'm not making that mistake again," says David firmly.
Later that day when Hugh and Meg return from a shopping trip, Meg tells David about a beautiful painting she saw priced at 7000.  David goes into town to see if the painting is as great as Meg says but when he returns he tells Meg that the painting has been sold.  Hugh presents Meg with the painting as a wedding present. 

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