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Mrs Witton tells Norman Finn and Wilf about the fire in Hugh Mortimer's chalet.  Norman says he fixed a light in that chalet. 
Faye tells Sandy that she has never been able to make friends with men, everything is alright at the beginning but after a few dates everything goes wrong. 
Norman Finn goes to the motel with a bunch of flowers for Faye Mansfield.
Mr Deam, the insurance man, looks over Hugh Mortimer's chalet.  He tells Hugh that the painting that was in the cupcoard is not insured.
Miss Tatum brings a telegram to the motel address to Amy Turtle.  Jane Smith tells her that Amy is not there at the moment but she will make sure she gets the telegram.  Mr Booth takes the telegram and reads it.  He takes it to Sandy who reads that Amy's son, Billy, is dead.
Jane Smith comforts Amy after she receives the news of her sons death.  Meg finds out the news and goes to see Amy.  Mr Booth tells her that Amy didn't cry on hearing the news, but just sat there in shock.
David tells Sandy and Meg that Stan is responsible for the fire in Hugh's chalet, and the insurance company has estimated the damage at 7000, but if Stan is insured then he will be alright.
Meg goes to see Stan and asks him if the shop is insured against accidents and Stan tells her it isn't.  asks Stan if he is insured and Stan tells her he isn't.  Later, Meg tells David that the insurance company can't press Stan for 7000 he hasn't got, but David reminds her that Stan's shop is at risk if he can't pay. 
Hugh Mortimer is pressing Stan for compensation for the lost painting.  David says all the blame is going on Stan.  "He isn't insured," he says.  "Are you suggesting I should forget my claim and pay myself?" asks Hugh.  "It's not up to me.  You're the one to decide that," says David, and walks out. 
Hugh goes to see Stan at his shop and tells him that he is being sued for 7000.  Stan storms out of the shop and goes to the motel demanding to see David Hunter.  David explains that Norman Finn was to blame for the fire and as he is employed by Stan, then Stan is responsible.
Amy Turtle goes to the sitting room looking for Meg but finds Hugh Mortimer there.  "Is Mrs Richardson here?" she asks.  "It doesn't look like it, does it," says Hugh.  "I wondered when she'll be back" asks Amy.  "Not for a long time yet.  And even when she does, I don't want her bothered.  She's having a hard time.  Goodbye Amy," says Hugh, curtly.  Amy turns to leave.  "Oh Amy.  I'm sorry.  I forgot about your sad loss," says Hugh.

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