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Vince Parker and Barbara Wells try and explain to George but George says he can never forgive her.  Barbara Wells leaves the Motel.

Malcolm Ryder hears someone approaching the sitting and he leaves by the French windows, but tells Meg he will be back.  Meg telephones her friend Tish Hope and tells her what has happened.  Sandy tries to open the sitting room door but finds it locked.  "Thank you Tish.  I'll make a note of that," says Meg in a loud voice.  She gets up to unlock the door, and when Sandy asks why the door was locked, Meg tells him that she was on the phone and didn't want to be disturbed.  "I'm off to bed now," she says.  "What about your brandy?" asks Sandy, spotting Malcolm Ryder's brandy glass on the table.  "Oh I don't want it," says Meg and leaves.

Shughie McFee arrives at the Motel for an interview for the chef's job.  He tells David that he gave up his job as a chef at sea because he wanted a job on land. 

Malcolm Ryder telephones the motel and Sandy answers.  He tells the caller that Meg isn't available at the moment.  Sandy tells David that he recognises the man's voice but can't place him. 

Meg telephones Hugh Mortimer in Australia and tells him about Malcolm Ryder.  Hugh promises to get back as soon as he can. 

Brian Jarvis tells Roy and Shiela that he has noticed that Sandy is looking tired and asks them both if they would take over from Sandy as his election campaign manager.  However, when they suggest it to Sandy he tells them that he started the job so he will finish it. 

David goes to the cottage and takes Anne some food and wine.  "This is how I wanted it to be, just you and me and Bob out of the way." says Anne.  "Everything will be alright now we're back together again," she says. 

Anne and David drink some wine.  "Where does this wine come from?" asks Anne.  "The Rhine," David tells her.  "You know, I'd love to go to Switzerland.  Let's go there one day," says Anne.  "Oh I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have said that.  Your wife and son live there don't they?" she says.  "I wasn't even thinking of that", says David. 

"Anne don't you think it's time we started making plans for your future.  I mean you can't live here all the time," says David.  "I've already made mine.  As soon as Bob comes back from America I'm going to ask him for a divorce," says Anne.  "No Anne, you've got to think about this carefully," advises David.  "I have.  I want to marry you if you'll still have me David," says Anne. 

"Anne, we're not the same people as we were three years ago.  We've got to think about this.  Be honest with each other," says David.  "What are you trying to say?" asks Anne.  "That I don't want to marry you Anne.  We were in love..."  "David!" says Anne.  "That was three years ago, Anne.  You don't love me and I don't love you.  You love Bob.  You were lonely and you turned to me for help," says David.  "But I'll do anything I can to help you because I'm very fond of you," he says. 


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