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Cliff Leyton is having trouble starting his lorry.  A man arrives and Cliff talks with him.  He then introduces him as Detective Sergeant Baker.  The police officer searches the lorry and tells Cliff that he can find nothing illegal.  "But that can't be.  Hold on.  This tarpaulin isn't mine," exclaims Cliff.  The police officer discovers that two tarpaulins have been sewn together, and that inside them are forged German bank notes. 

Bob see's David at the motel and says goodbye.  "Is it too late to consider taking Anne with you?" asks David.  "Much too late.  Anyway she doesn't want to be with me, and I don't want her around me," says Bob.

Anne Powell see's David in the sitting room and tells him that she has just seen Bob off at the airport.  "I dread going back to that house," says Anne.  "You're bound to feel lost at first," suggests David.  "Not lost.  Free.  I've been waiting for Bob to go.  I don't want to go back to that empty house," says Anne.  "I know it's too much to ask but since it's you I can ask.  All you can say is no.  You know your cottage.  Do you think I could borrow it for a few days?" she asks, and David says she can.

Hugh Mortimer telephones Meg from Australia and tells her that he has tracked down Malcolm Ryder.

Barbara Wells talks to Diane Parker about the situation between her and George Parker, and her and Vince Parker.  Barbara tells Vince that she is going to tell George.  "What are you going to tell me?" asks George coming up unseen behind Barbara.  Vince tells his father that there is more to it than they have told him.  "I don't want to know," says George.  "We slept together," says Barbara.  George tells them both to get out.

David takes Anne to his cottage where they have a meal together.  They sit together by the coal fire.  "I'd better be getting back.  The weather forecast was fog," says David.  "Do you have to go?" asks Anne, as David goes towards the door.  "Drive carefully.  I do love you David.  I suppose I never stopped loving you," says Anne.  David looks down, shaking his head.  "No.  I mean it.  I've said it now.  We've got to face up to it," says Anne.  David opens the door.  "The forecast was right.  It's like a brick wall out there," says David.  "You can't drive home in that," says Anne.  "You're right.  I guess I'll just have to stay here the night," says David.  

Meg is having a relaxing evening in the motel sitting room.  Suddenly she hears tapping at the french windows and she goes to look who it is.  She draws back the curtains and her face takes on a horrified expression.  Malcolm Ryder steps into the room.  Meg tells him that she wants her freedom and wants a divorce.  Malcolm tells her that she can go ahead and marry Hugh Mortimer because as far as the law is concerned he was declared dead in a car crash.  

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