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Amy Turtle offers the new chef, Shughie McFee, a room in her house, and he moves in.

Malcolm Ryder enters the sitting room via the French windows and finds Tish Hope there.  Tish tells him that Meg has told her all about him, how he tried to poison her.  Ryder denies it.  There is a knock on the door and Malcolm Ryder leaves again by the French windows.  Tish Hope lets Amy Turtle into the sitting room.  When Amy Turtle goes to the kitchen she tells Mr Booth that she heard a man's voice in the sitting room, and she didn't recognise it as someone she knows.

Anne Powell stops crying and apologises to David.  "I made a fool of myself," she says.  "No you didn't.  You're tired, I'll leave you now," says David.  "David, you don't have to go.  Well, at least let me make myself presentable before you go," says Anne.  She kisses David on the cheek.  "Thank you for telling me the truth.  Don't go away," she says and goes upstairs.  Brian Jarvis arrives at the cottage and David invites him to join him and Anne for coffee.

Stan Harvey tells Sandy about the latest developments in the local election campaign.  John Glossop, Brian Jarvis's main opposition has been spreading a rumour saying that Brian is not in favour of the new housing development scheme because it relates to Wilf and Shiela, to whom he is related. 

Brian and David go back to the motel.  "Look, I'm sorry I butted in on you and Anne," says Brian.  "It doesn't matter," David assures him.  "Yes it does.  I thought you and Anne were..." begins Brian.  "No, we aren't.  We're just good friends," says David firmly. 

Sandy and Stan tells Brian what they have found out about the election and Brian says this could win the election for John Glossop.

Malcolm Ryder goes to see Meg.  "That was stupid of you to leave Tish here yesterday.  Afraid I might roam about the motel trying to find you and bump into Sandy?" says Malcolm.  "You've seen him?" asks Meg.  "Yes, from a safe distance.  What happened?" asks Malcolm.  "He broke his back in a car accident," Meg tells him.  "Shame.  I liked him.  We got on well," says Malcolm.  They are interupted by a knock on the door and as Meg goes to answer it, Malcolm bars her way.  "Everyone knows I'm in here," says Meg.  "Who is it?" asks Meg.  "Barbara"  "It's alright.  She doesn't know you," Meg tells Malcolm.  She opens the door and Barbara says she only came to say goodbye. 

David recieves a phone call from his ex-wife, Rosemary, who asks if she could come over at Christmas and stay in his cottage.  David tells her that someone is using the cottage.

Amy Turtle overhears that David Hunter and Anne Powell are staying at the cottage together.

Brian Jarvis has been victorious in the local election and he celebrates his win with Wilf and Sheila.


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