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Bob Powell goes to the Motel to see David and they have a drink in the office.  "Things have been bad for Anne and me over the past year and they're getting worse.  She doesn't love me anymore David.  She's still in love with you," says Bob.  "We were in love a long time ago but that's all over now," says David.  David tells Bob that Anne came to him for help because she wanted so badly that things were right between her and Bob.  Bob tells David that he has to go away for a few weeks and asks David if he would look after Anne whilst he is away.

Vera Downend goes to the gambling club and confronts Michel Maurice, asking him what he is up to.  Maurice tells her that he is in partnership with Cliff Leyton and Mr Johnstone.

Brian Jarvis is running as a candidate for the local election.  Sandy tells Wilf that he should talk to Brain and see if he could do anything about the plans to knock his house down.

David tells Anne that Bob has asked him to keep an eye on her whilst he is away.  "Of course I couldn't expect you to do anything of the sort," says Anne.  "I said I'd be glad to," says David.  "That was a gallant lie," says Anne.  "It wasn't a lie," David tells her. "Oh David.  You've been marvellous David," says Anne and puts her hand on Davids.  "It's not going to be easy is it?  When you're fond of someone you can't just shut it out like closing a book," says David.

Wilf Harvey has been round with a petition against knocking down his house, and he hands it to Brian Jarvis.  Brian says he can't help him, in fact he thinks the council are doing the right thing.

Bob and Anne Powell go to Davids office and find him working.  Bob asks him to come to dinner with them but David says he really has too much work to do.  Bob tells him that he is coming whether he likes it or no.  Anne says they shouldn't have come here.  "Yes, you're right.  But you're always right.  You make me sick!" he shouts and storms out.  Anne sobs into David's arms.   

Cliff Leyton goes to Diane's flat for dinner.  Mr Johnstone turns up and tells Cliff that he is wanted at the gambling club.  Cliff leaves with Mr Johnstone, who takes the keys to Diane's flat.  Diane goes to the bathroom to run a bath and Mr Johnstone lets himself back into her flat, locking the door.  Diane comes back into the room and, finding Johnstone there, she runs to the door but finds it closed.  Johnstone tells her about a called he used to know called Beauty who was too noisy so he had to shut her up.  He says he doesn't want the same thing happening to Diane. 

Cliff Leyton goes to the gambling casino and Michel Maurice tells him to get the lorry and leave straight away.

Johnstone goes to the bathroom and whilst he is gone Diane tries to phone the police.  "You won't get through.  I fixed the phone," he says, coming up behind Diane.

Michel Maurice finds Cliff Leyton trying to make a phone call, and Cliff says he is phoning one of his drivers.  Alf Sloane finds Martin Bell snooping around the cellar and hits him, knocking him unconscious. 

Johnstone threatens Diane with a gun and warns her not to do anything stupid.  The doorbell rings and Johnstone tells her to answer it but not try anything.  Diane opens the door and Vera Downend steps in.  Diane asks Vera to get a few things for her at the shop and scibbles a note on a piece of paper.  Johnstone steps out from his hiding place with his gun pointed at the two women.





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