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Jill Harvey receives an anonymous letter and when she tells Stan about it he says they should go to the police.  Jill suggests they pay Rosalie a visit before going to the police.

Anne Powell goes to the motel to see David and asks him how he got on with Bob the previous evening.  "Well, I enjoyed talking to him but there were a few sticky moments.  Look Anne, I'm not going to carry on spying for you and then telling you what's happened.  Well, that's exactly what we're doing isn't it?" says David.  "I'm sorry I troubled you," says Anne and walks out.

George Parker tells Diane that he is getting married and Diane is very happy for him, until she finds out that he is marrying Barbara Wells.

David finds Anne sitting at one of the tables in reception.  "I'm sorry about just now.  I was unneccessarily hard," says David.  "David, why don't you come to dinner tomorrow night and we can talk it over then.  You don't know how kind you've been," says Anne.  "Not kind.  Involved," says David.

Stan and Jill phone Rosalie's house but the woman who answers the phone tells them she hasn't seen Rosalie for over a week.

Meg is babysitting at Stan and Jills home when the telephone rings, but when she picks up the receiver there is no-one on the other end.  Later, the doorbell rings and when Meg opens the door she finds an envelope on the doorstep.  She walks out of the door and along the corridor to see who left it, and Mr Johnstone slips into the house.  Stan and Jill arrive home and Mr Johnstone tells Stan that he wants to buy Stan's electrical shop for 25,000. 

George Parker asks Vince if anything went on between him and Barbara Wells because Diane gave him a funny look when he told her he was marrying her. 

Stan finds Rosalie and asks her about the anonymous letter.  She admits to writing it but tells him that Mr Johnstone forced her to do it.  Stan advises her to stay away from Johnstone.

Diane Parker and Vera Downend find out that Cliff Leyton is working for Michel Maurice and Johnstone at the gambling club.  Vera tells David that she is worried about Cliff Leyton getting mixed up in the gambling club.  "You don't think that after Cliff's spot of bother he could be taking a risk working with those kind of people," she says. 

Roy Mollison tells his father-in-law, Wilf Harvey that he and Sheila are moving out.  Roy and Sheila have been living with Wilf until they could find a place of their own.  Wilf shows him the evening paper which says that all the houses in their street are being knocked down and soon they will all have to find somewhere else to live. 


1974 Episodes continued

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