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Vince Parker telephones the Motel and asks Sheila Mollison for Barbara Wells, his new girlfriend.  Sheila lets slip to Barbara Wells that Vince is married.  When Vince arrives at the Motel Barbara says he should have told her that he is married.  Vince tells her that his divorce is going through anytime now and she doesn't need to worry about Diane.  "I'm not worried about Diane, I'm worried about my fella.  I'm engaged," announces Barbara, leaving Vince Parker stunned. 

Meg goes to see Stan Harvey at his shop and asks him what's going on between him and this other woman.  Stan says he never had anything to do with another woman.  "Then you'd better tell Jill that before it's too late," advises Meg.

That evening when Stan gets home he asks Jill to sit down.  "Now what I'm going to say is very important," he says.  Jill listens to Stan when he explains that this other woman was lonely and needed a shoulder to cry on.

Anne Powell goes to see David at the Motel and asks him if he would talk to Bob, but David says he doesn't think that's a very good idea. 

George Parker introduces Vince to the woman he is going to marry, Barbara Wells. 

Martin Bell, fed up with his life, asks Cliff Leyton about the new gambling club in Heathbury, but Cliff advises him to stay away from the place.  Martin is intrigued and visits the gambling club.  He later tells Cliff Leyton that he met up with a Mr Johnstone.  Cliff tells him that if it's the same Mr Johnstone that he knows then he is trouble. 

Tish Hope speaks to Vince and says that a lot of people must be asking questions about George Parker and Barbara Wells.  Vince says he knows something his father doesn't and it would break his heart if he found out.

At home Anne Powell arranges some flowers in the sitting room of their house, and notices Bob straining to read a book.  She tells him he should get some spectacles but Bob tells her he doesn't need glasses.  Anne pours him a drink but Bob says he doesn't want it.  He pours it over the newly arranged flowers. 

David Hunter goes to see Bob and Anne Powell and they all have a drink together.  Anne complains of a headache and goes upstairs, leaving David and Bob alone.  Bob asks David if he wants another drink but David says no.  "Oh come, surely one more won't hurt," says Bob.  "No really, I'm driving," says David.  All the same Bob goes to pour David a drink but David places his hand over the glass.  Bob pours the drink over David's hand. 

Bob apologises but David tells him not to worry.  "It doesn't matter.  It's probably the job getting you down.  That's why you moved down from London, isn't it?"says David.  "The little bitch!  As soon as my back was turned she couldn't wait to tell you.  Get out!  Go on, get out!" shouts Bob.  David doesn't move.  "Did you hear me?  I said get out," says Bob.  "Yes I heard you.  Sit down and let me explain," says David.  "It wasn't Anne who told me it was Derek Maynard," explains David.  "But Anne did tell you," says Bob.  "Yes, but after Derek had told me," says David.


1974 Episodes continued

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