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David goes to the office at the casino and see's Kate Hamilton.  "You wanted to see me," he says.  Kate waves a cheque in front of David.  "Your cheque was returned," she says.  "Why?" asks David.  "Insufficient funds.  Oh I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," she says.  Kate explains that the amount on the cheque is not available in David's bank account.  "It's the first cheque that's bounced," says David, but Kate says that once this has happened they are not supposed to accept another cheque.  "With your credit you're a very valuable client," says Kate.  David asks her to bend the rules and accept another cheque and Kate agrees.  "The same amount again," says David.  "You're joking!" says Kate.  "I can always gamble somewhere else," says David.  Kate agrees and David writes out another cheque.
At two o'clock in the morning David Hunter goes to the casino office, and Kate Hamilton asks him if he has come to cash in his winnings.  David says no, he lost.  He offers her a lift home.  "You seem to always forget I have my own car.  Anyway you know what happened the last time you offered me a lift," says Kate. 
Glenda Brownlow see's Carney at the motel and tells him she knows he told Vera about her and Gerry Hurst.  Carney says if she hadn't lied to Vera in the first place it would never have come to this.  He says he thinks Gerry Hurst has something to hide.  "You're not saying anything against Gerry, do you hear!" says Glenda.
On Vera's boat Gerry Hurst tells Vera that he thinks Glenda has fallen for him, but he doesn't feel the same way and he is trying to let her down gently.
Jim Baines asks Sharon Metcalfe to have a drink with him but she says no.
Gerry Hurst counts out some money on Vera's boat and Benny comes in.  Benny asks Gerry where he got the money from and Gerry says he has been saving it.  Glenda Brownlow comes in and also asks him about the money.  She tells him that he should hide it somewhere safe and she goes into Vera's cabin and puts the envelope containing the money into a drawer. 
Jim Baines arrives home early and Muriel says she thought he'd be having a drink.  "You thought I was out with her didn't you.  I may as well be!" shouts Jim and storms towards the door.  Muriel grabs his arm.  "It'll take time Jim.  We'll be alright soon," says Muriel.
The next day Muriel Baines goes to the motel and finds Jane Smith decorating the reception area in readiness for the Queen's Silver Jubilee.  Jane asks Muriel how things are between her and Jim and Muriel says she thinks they will be alright. 
At the cottage Hugh Mortimer finds Vicky Lambert working and he reminds her that today is a national holiday.  Hugh suggests she goes to the motel to help Meg with the preparations for the Jubilee children's party.
Jill Harvey asks Sandy if he has seen their mother but Sandy says no, and advises Jill not to mention David Hunter if she finds her.  Sandy explains that Meg has offered to but David out and wants to send him packing.  Jill asks why but Sandy says he would rather not say anything else. 
Vicky Lambert talks with Sandy in the sitting room and tells him that things are a bit tense at the cottage.  She says she likes Meg and she thinks Meg likes her but she knows Meg still wants her to leave.  Sandy tells Vicky that Meg has some business problems and she is a little edgy about that.   
Slyvia and George McClusky come to the motel for afternoon tea and Sandy suggests they go to the sitting room where it is a bit quieter.  George tells Sylvia that as soon as he set foot in the motel he took to the place.  Slyvia says that if he is going to be keeping such a close eye on the motel perhaps they should move to the area. 
Jim Baines, fed up waiting for Muriel to arrive to take the children home from the Jubilee party asks Jane Smith to tell Muriel to take the children home on the bus.  Jane says that Muriel was telling her this morning that things are better between them.  Jim shouts at Jane saying that what happens at home is his business.  

1977 Episodes continued

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