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David watches as Jane Smith serves Howard Coates with coffee in the reception foyer.  When she reaches the desk David says he noticed she is uncomfortable with Mr Coates.  Jane says it doesn't really matter whether she likes Mr Coates or not, but David asks her to be a little more tolerant and make him feel a bit more comfortable. 
Diane returns from visiting Clover Hawkins and she tells Benny that Clover told her that she can't wait to get out of the home and move into the caravan. 
Jane Smith goes to the office and finds Howard Coates there.  Howard apologises for what happened with the photo of his brother and blames it on his temper.  He asks Jane if her faith allows her to forgive him.  He says he can get another photograph of his brother from the newspaper but Jane tells him that she found out that the newspaper closed down about ten years ago.  Howard laughs and says she must have misunderstood.  "I distinctly remember you saying that your brother was dead," says Jane.  "I can't get over you.  It's ...it's macabre," says Howard.  He begins to shake, then suddenly drops down into a chair and passes out.  Jane tries to wake him but then telephones David Hunter on reception duty and explains the situation to him.  David arrives in the office, loosens Howard's tie and checks his pulse.  "That's all I know what to do before the doctor gets here," says David.
Hugh and Meg Mortimer arrive back at the motel following their short trip to London. 
Howard Coates wakes and tells David that he feels silly.  Doctor Butterworth arrives and asks Howard Coates if he has ever suffered from diabetes or epilepsi to which Howard answers no. The doctor prescribes some tablets.
Sergeant Martin arrives at the motel and asks David if he can borrow his office to speak to Mr Carne and Mr Gibbs.  David tells him that the sitting room is free.  David shows Archie Gibbs and Carney into the sitting room.
Doctor Butterworth tells David that he has examined Howard Coates and can't find anything wrong. 
Archie Gibbs tells Sergeant Martin that he bought the bottle of scotch from the off-license in the village.  "You can check that if you like," he says.  "I will do that," replies Sergeant Martin.  Archie tells the policeman that the bottle of scotch belonged to Carney and he gave it to him to look after.  He says Carney was going to drive him home.
Ed Lawton tells Diane that he has asked Mrs Burrell to come and do the cooking and some cleaning.  "She won't like running backwards and forwards," says Diane.  "To make it easier for her I've told her she can sleep at the farm.  You don't mind her using your room do you?" says Ed.
Stan asks Meg how Hugh is and Meg says he is over-worked.  Stan tells her that Jill thinks he is over-worked too.  He explains to Meg that he is getting a secretary, and Meg says that's a sensible move.  Meg receives a telephone call and tells Stan that there is a MIss Keeble waiting for him in the garage office.
David tells Sergeant Martin that he checked the bar and cellar stock and everything was present.  Sergeant Martin tells David that the motel is in the clear, and that Archie Gibbs said he didn't buy the scotch from the motel.
David and Sandy ask Archie Gibbs, Carney and Bill Warren into the office and David tells them that he wants to know exactly what happened.  Archie tells David what he told Sergeant Martin.  David dismisses Archie, Bill and Carney and then tells Sandy that was the biggest cover-up since Watergate.  "Anyway it doesn't matter now because we're in the clear," says Sandy.  "There's only one thing wrong.  When I checked the bar and cellar stick nothing was missing, but the till takings were down by the exact price of a bottle of scotch," says David.
Archie Gibbs has a drink with Bill Warren to celebrate their being in the clear.  Jim Baines overhears and asks them if this has got anything to do with the car keys which Carney handed in.  Archie and Bill try desperately to quieten him.

1977 Episodes continued

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