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Harry Maguire goes to see Adam Chance and tells him that he has decided to leave his position as garage manager.  Adam tells Harry that no one would blame him for quitting but Harry says he never quits, he just makes decisions.  He tells Adam that he regrets leaving him and the garage with a bit of a problem.  Harry tells Adam that he can't stand the stares and the pity, he would rather start somewhere fresh where no one knows him.     
Miranda Pollard joins Adam Chance in the office and Adam tells her that Harry Maguire has just handed in his resignation.  Adam asks Miranda if she has seen Jill anywhere and Miranda says she had an appointment with Harrison.  "Oh no, she didn't have to do that," says Adam.  David and Barbara Hunter come into the office.  "Ah David.  You spoke to Harrison only yesterday.  We don't need two share holders bothering the company lawyer about the same thing.  He'll think the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing," says Adam.
David laughs and tells Adam that it was a misunderstanding.  He says he had intended to see Harrison and whilst he was having lunch he saw McAllister who told him everything he wanted to know.  Barbara looks at David.  Adam leaves the office.  "I'm sorry.  Was it important I actually speak to Harrison?" David asks Barbara.  Miranda leaves the office.
David asks Barbara what she is thinking about.  "Quite a few things actually," says Barbara.  "Like what?" asks David.  "Like what you just said to Adam for instance.  The misunderstanding about going to see Harrison.  About meeting some legal eagle of your own instead," says Barbara.  "You sound as if you don't believe me," says David.  David asks her what is wrong.  "What's wrong!  Your excuse for being late last night, for leaving me half the evening wondering where the hell you were was because Harrison had insisted, after your long and protracted meeting, that you join him for a few drinks," says Barbara.  "Did I say that?" asks David.  "You know you did," accuses Barbara.  David tells her it was a slip of the tongue, surely it's not important.
"You went to see Harrison, you said.  For a few hours you said," says Barbara.  David says he was tired, not thinking straight.  "I don't beleive you," says Barbara.  David looks at her.  "David," asks Barbara.  "Say something," she says.  "I've nothing to say.  Nothing at all.  I must sort this out in my own way.  You musn't worry," says David.  "Oh David!" says Barbara.  "You must stop interrogating me.  All I want is for you to leave me alone.  That's all," says David.  Barbara walks out of the office. 
John Latchford tells Kath Brownlow that he has had to let Kevin Banks go.  He tells Kath that Kevin Banks just hasn't got what it takes to be a salesman.  He says he has tried, so has Kevin but it just isn't working.  He says he would like to make it up to Kevin somehow so Kath suggests he comes to the house this evening for dinner.
Barbara see's Jilll in the office and Jill asks her if she has seen David.  Barbara tells her that she hasn't see David since last night.  She says he comes back at three or four in the morning and doesn't say where he has been.  Barbara tells Jill that she would do anything to help David but he doesn't want her anymore.  "Jill, we're strangers.  I think our marriage is over," says Barbara. 
Miranda Pollard shows Jill and Barbara a telex from her father J. Henry saying that he is going to vote for the takeover.
Adam and Jill Chance wonder where David is.  Adam goes to David's coat which is hanging in the office and searches the pockets.  He takes out a card.  "The Estoril Club.  You'd better call Barbara," he tells Jill.
Miranda Pollard joins Jill Chance in the office and asks if David has returned yet.  Jill says no.  Miranda tells her that she told her father J. Henry that the board meeting had been cancelled.  Jill says they all have to wait until David returns.
Barbara Hunter arrives at the Estoril club and goes inside the casino.  She looks around and finally spots David at one of the gaming tables.  She sits down next to him.  "What are you doing here?" asks David.  "What do you think," replies Barbara.  "I don't want you here Barbara.  You're disturbing me," says David.  "I'm not leaving here without you," says Barbara.  David tells her that he must finish this game.  "David, if we don't leave here together then I'm walking out for good," says Barbara.  "The next hand I could win.  For once..." says David.  "David, are you listening to me.  I mean every word I say.  I'm going to go to the bar and wait exactly ten minutes, no more.  If you don't come out in that time then I shall never see you again," says Barbara.  David continues to concentrate on the game.  "I mean every word I say," Barbara tells him.  Barbara gets up and walks away.
Miranda Pollard goes to the motel bar and asks Iris Scott how Pete's funeral went.  She asks Iris if she will be staying with her auntie Kath and Iris says no, she's going to go back to the flat.
David continued to play blackjack.  Barbara rejoins him at the gaming table.  "David.  I was just leaving," she says.  David looks at her.  "Why are you doing this to me?" he asks.  David tells Barbara that he didn't ask her to track him down, and he doesn't want her here.  "David.  What are you trying to do to us?" asks Barbara.  David tells her it's just a passing interest, a break in the day to day tedium of the motel.  "You make this all sound like harmless fun," says Barbara.  "That's all I want and that's what it is," replies David.                
Barbara tells David it wasn't harmless fun last time, what makes him think it will be different this time.  "You're ruining my chances," says David.  "And you're killing me inch by inch," says Barbara.  "David.  What do you want me to do, get down on my knees," says Barbara.  David tells her not to be silly.  "Do you really want all of this, instead of me?" asks Barbara.  "Things don't make sense anymore," says David.  "Oh David.  We don't need this.  We've always had each other.  Or doesn't that mean anything anymore," says Barbara.  "I don't know.  I need time," says David.  Barbara tells him that he will have that time, all the time he needs.  "But please sweetheart, don't shut me out.  Please," says Barbara.  David looks at her.
Larry Wilcox goes to see Iris Scott at her flat and see's some of Pete Maguire's belongings on the settee.  He asks her what she is going to do with them and Iris says she doesn't know, his parents don't want them.  Larry offers to tak them to the charity shop.  Larry notices Pete's guitar and tells her she could sell it.  Iris tells Larry that he can have it if he wants and Larry says she might want to keep it to remember Pete by.  Iris says she won't forget Pete, ever.
Barbara Hunter joins David at the casino bar.  "How did you know how to find me?" asks David.  Barbara says it was a team effort.  "I'm not the only one who loves you," she says.  Barbara tells David that they will see this through together, and David says it will be hard.  "David.  I want you back," says Barbara.  "Thank you for coming to find me," says David.  "No one wants to lose you again.  Not like last time," says Barbara.  David says last time he didn't have her.  "No.  well you do now.  Always," says Barbara.  Barbara says he doesn't know how much they all love him.  "I love you.  Just don't give me up now," says Barbara.  Barbara says they are lucky, they have each other.  David tells her that he must be mad to throw that away.       
Kath Brownlow returns home and tells Kevin and Glenda Banks that she wants the table laid as John Latchford is coming to dinner.  Kevin tells her that he is going to the pub, but Kath tells him that he is staying right where he is.  "Mum, how could you after what he's done," says Glenda.  Kath tells them that John feels really bad about having to let Kevin go.  "It's not fair mum, the position you're putting us in.  The position he's putting us in," says Glenda.  Kath tells Kevin and Glenda that it's about time thet gave way a bit, John is willing to put things right.
Barbara and David Hunter returns to the motel and find Jill Chance in the office.  Barbara tells Jill that she needn't have waited.  "How could I not," says Jill.  "See what I mean," says Barbara.  Jill asks if everything is alright and David tells her that everything is under control.  Jill leaves the office.
David tells Barbara that he feels like he has run a marathon, he's exhausted.  "It's all still here though isn't it.  The work, the office.  I haven't got away," says David.  "No, and I'm not going to let you.  Unless I go with you," says Barbara.  "Is that a promise?" asks David and Barbara nods. 

1985 Episodes continued

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