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John Latchford arrives at the Brownlow's with a bunch of flowers for Kath and a teddy for Katie.  Kevin Banks comes into the room and John Latchford tells him that there is a vacancy for a van driver, warehouse man.  "You won't make a fortune from it, but at least it's better than the dole.  What do you say lad?" asks John.  "Nice try John. No ta, it's not the kind of job I'm looking for," says Kevin and walks out of the room.
David and Barbara talk in the office.  Barbara tells David that if she had her life to live over again she would change one second of it.  "Not even today?" asks David.  "Especially today," replies Barbara.  "I love you," says David, looking at Barbara, and putting his hand on her arm.  She takes his hand in hers.  "You haven't said that for quite a while," says Barbara.  David says he thinks it all the time, but just doesn't say it.  They kiss.
John Latchford and Kath Brownlow have a drink in the motel bar and John says he tried but Kevin didn't even think about the job offer. 
The following morning Kath Brownlow and Glenda Banks lay the breakfast table, and Glenda see's to baby Katie.  Kath leaves the room and Kevin comes downstairs.  Kevin pushes the door shut and asks Glenda if she has told her mother about Canada.  Glenda tells him that she is trying to work up to it.  Kath Brownlow comes back into the room and they sit down at the breakfast table.                                   
Kath tells Kevin that she was just saying to Glenda that it was good of John to come over last night and try and patch things up.  Kath says they have to get on if they are all going to live together.  "If he's going to be Glenda's new step dad and Katie's grandpa ..." says Kath.  Kevin looks at Glenda.  Kath tells Kevin that he'll get a job.  "Well actually Mum, we wanted to tell you something..." says Glenda, but Kath interupts to point out that Katie has egg all down her chin. 
"Mum, it's important," says Kevin.  "What's the matter?" asks Kath.  "We rang Canada last night," says Glenda.  "Canada?" asks Kath.  "Mum.  We've decided..." says Glenda.  "I know what you've decided.  It's been niggling at the back of my mind and haunting me ever since you first mentioned it," says Kath.  "We're emigrating," says Kevin.  Kath stares at the.  "It's for the best Mum.  For Katie's sake.  A better school.  For me, a decent home of my own.  But mostly for Kevin so he can get set up," says Glenda.
Adam Chance offers Joe MacDonald the garage manager's job. 
Adam tries to persuade David to take Barbara out for the day and take a break.  Adam tells David that he has offered the job of garage manager to Joe MacDonald, and he is considering it.
Paul Ross brings Glenda Banks into the office and tells Adam and Miranda that Glenda has some bad news.  Glenda walks up to Adam Chance.  "The thing is mister Chance, I want to leave," Glenda tells him.  "As soon as possible she says," says Paul Ross.  Adam says she has only just got back.  Glenda tells him that her and Kevin are going to Canada.  She apologises for messing them about and not giving notice, but she would like to leave as soon as possible. 
Miranda Pollard takes a letter from her father J. Henry into the office and tells Adam Chance and David Hunter that her father would like to know why the board meeting to discuss the takeover bid was cancelled. 
Kath Brownlow goes into the garage and congratulates Joe MacDonald on his appointment as garage manager.  Sid Hooper introduces him to Roy Lambert, the new mechanic. 
Miranda Pollard asks David Hunter if it would be alright if she had a few hours off this afternoon as she is going house hunting with Paul Ross.
Joe MacDonald finds Sid Hooper in the garage office having a cup of tea, and asks him if he has finished the car yet.  Sid says no, and Joe reminds him that they made a promise to the customer.  Later, Joe MacDonald finds Sid Hooper in the garage office on the phone to the bookmaker.  Joe asks him how that car is coming along.  "Oh come on you sound like a broken record.  What's the matter with you.  Roy's doing it for me now," says Sid.  "Roy!" says Joe.  "Look Sid, would you leave the delegation of the work to me," says Joe.
David and Barbara Hunter have lunch in the motel dining room.  Barbara tells David that it is six years since she first came to King's Oak and she would like to take a drive in the country and see it as she first did six years ago.
David and Barbara go to a garden centre, and David asks her if she would like a plant.  Barbara says they've got nowhere to plant it.  "We haven't got a house, let alone a garden," she says.  David says maybe Paul has the right idea, he is buying a house.
Miranda Pollard and Paul Ross walk across a field in order to try and find a house they are supposed to be looking at.    
David and Barbara Hunter stop the car and get out to look at the view.  David tells Barbara that he isn't sure that he is very happy at the motel.  "Too many unpleasant memories?" asks Barbara.  David nods and says there have been good times too.  "When I really think about it most of the important events I associate with the place aren't very pleasant.  It's only when I get away that they really stick out in my mind," says David.  Barbara tells him that she understands but she doesn't think they should let things like that matter too much.       
David tells Barbara that doing crazy, impulsive things like this makes it all clear to him.  "I've loved playing truant," smiles David.  "It's like being let out of prison.  But I know I have to go back, and I'll hate it," says David.  "Yes, I knew you were harbouring thoughts like that but what I didn't realise was quite how serious it is," says Barbara.  Barbara says she thinks they should go away on holiday, and David says they can make it a second honeymoon.  "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," he says, taking Barbara's hand.                                  
Kath Brownlow goes to the garage office and asks Joe MacDonald if she could have a lift home with him.  She tells Joe that she has been shopping, and says it's the last big shop she'll do for the family.  Joe asks if Kevin and Glenda are ready for the off and Kath tells him that they've packed lots of bags.  Kath tells Joe that Kevin and Glenda are excited, but she will miss out on Katie growing up.  She starts to cry and Joe tells her not to upset herself, she'll be able to go out to Canada to see them.  Kath says she won't be able to afford to go that often. 
Miranda Pollard tells Paul Ross that she has seen another cottage for sale and has arranged to go and see it.  She asks him to come and see it with her.
John Latchford has a drink in the motel bar with Elaine Winters and they talk about a new contract that Elaine has just secured.  Kath Brownlow comes into the bar and John asks her to join them.  He tells Kath that they are celebrating, and he explains that Elaine has just won a contract.  He says it's the contract that Kevin failed to get.  Kath looks at Elaine Winters and tells her she hopes she gets some recognition for her hard work.  Kath walks off.
Elaine Winters tells John Latchford that he has just rubbed in the fact that Kevin failed at his job, and that is the reason why Kevin, Glenda and baby Katie are leaving.  She says he hasn't got a clue how Kath is feeling and she is obviously really upset that Kevin and Glenda are leaving.  John says Kath is alright, she's a coper.  Elaine says on the surface maybe, and advises John to talk to Kath and help her through it.
Glenda Banks goes into the office with a tea tray for Jill Chance.  Miranda tells Jill  that she is going househunting with Paul, then leaves the office.
Glenda Banks see's her mother Kath in the reception area and Kath asks her if Paul Ross is in the office.  Glenda says no.  Kath asks if Miranda Pollard is in the office and Glenda tells her that Miranda and Paul are setting up house together.  "Paul and Miranda?" asks Kath.  "Very cosy.  Kept that one very dark didn't he.  I mean, I know they had a thing going once..." says Glenda.  "You're having me on," says Kath.  "She's meeting Mr Paul and they are going househunting.  I mean, have you ever known Miranda play any other sport than man hunting," laughs Glenda.  "And she told you?" asks Kath.  "Well, Mrs Chance.  Brazen as anything you know..." says Glenda. 
Jill Chance comes out of the office and overhears and tells Glenda and Kath that she can put a stop to these rumours now.  "Well she was only saying..." says Kath.  "Well don't Glenda," says Jill.  Jill tells Glenda to pay attention to what she is doing otherwise she'll have her on the warpath.  "It's what she said.  It's not gossip, honestly," says Glenda.  Jill tells Glenda and Kath that Paul Ross is looking for a home of his own and in the absence of a woman's opinion, he has asked Miranda to help him.    

1985 Episodes continued

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