1984 Episodes ... continued

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Adam Chance tells Jill that J. Henry is already throwing his weight about.  He tells Jill that J. Henry wants Iris Scott to have the next job that comes along.  He says he is not having Iris working at the motel.
Miranda Pollard comes into the motel bar and Larry Wilcox asks her to get him a drink.  Miranda tells him that she isn't a barmaid, and asks him how old he is.  "Old enough not to take orders," says Larry Wilcox.  "Are you old enough to give them?" he asks cockily.  Miranda walks out of the bar. 
Kath Brownlow takes some mineral water to J. Henry Pollard in his chalet.  J. Henry tells her that it was very good of Iris Scott to fetch his prescription for him.  He says Iris deserves encouragement and as soon as a vacancy comes up at the motel he is going to see that Iris gets the job.
Miranda Pollard asks Diane Hunter if she would look in the bar because there is a boy there sitting on his own and he doesn't look old enough to drink.  Diane has a look into the bar.  Jill comes into reception and Miranda tells her about the boy in the bar.  Jill has a look into the bar and tells her that it's Larry Wilcox, Doctor Wilcox's son, and he is about seventeen years old.  Diane says she will have a word with him.
Diane Hunter goes into the bar and goes to Larry Wilcox's table.  She introduces herself and tells Larry that she knows his dad.  Diane tells Larry that his father talked about him a lot, and she says she gave Doctor Wilcox some stamps to give him.  Larry says he remembers and thanks Diane.  Diane tells him that she doesn't think he should be in the bar, and then leaves the bar.  Larry Wilcox gets up from the table and knocks over some galsses.  Miranda Pollard comes into the bar and order him out.  "Been waiting have you?" asks Larry.  Miranda tells him that she will call the police. 
Adam Chance goes to see J. Henry Pollard in his chalet  and tells him that he has been thinking about Iris Scott.  He tells J. Henry that he doesn't want Iris working at the motel.  Adam tells J. Henry that Iris worked at Chimney's and she was able to exert certain pressures.  J. Henry Pollard tells Adam that he makes it sound like blackmail, and Adam says it was. 
Diane Hunter clears up the broken glass in the bar, and notices that Larry Wilcox has cut himself. 
Jill Chance and Miranda Pollard tells Adam Chance about Larry Wilcox, and Jill says she thinks it is James Wilcox's affair.  Adam telephones Doctor James Wilcox and tells him that Larry is making a bit of a nuisance of himself. James Wilcox says he will be right over.
Larry Wilcox thanks Diane Hunter for taking care of his cut, and tells her that he will pay for any damage he caused.  
James Wilcox arrives at the motel and apologises to Adam and Jill for the trouble Larry has caused.  James Wilcox goes into the bar where he see's his son.  James tells him that he had a ginger beer, no alcohol, and everyone jumped to the wrong conclusion.  
Kath Brownlow and Iris Scott return to the Brownlow home and Kath tells Glenda that J. Henry Pollard is looking for a job for Iris.  Kath says Iris fetched a prescription for J. Henry and he was rather taken with her.  Iris tells them that J. Henry actually listened to her, it was like talking to her father. 
James and Larry Wilcox arrive back home and James asks his son why he was at the motel.  Larry tells him that he was meeting someone. "A girl?" asks James Wilcox, and Larry says yes. 
The next day Diane Hunter talks to Miranda Pollard in reception and tells her that Larry Wilcox didn't have any alcohol in the bast last night.  Miranda asks about all the glasses that were on his table, and Diane tells her that people do leave their glasses anywhere.  
Diane Hunter complains to Paul Ross about one of the waitresses at the motel.  Paul suggests that they move the waitress back to the cafeteria.  Kath Brownlow, who is standing nearby, says they will be needing a replacement waitress.  Paul Ross leaves and Kath tells Diane that the job would suit Iris Scott.  Diane tells Kath that Paul doesn't like Iris, and he won't take Iris on. 
Doris Luke goes to the Brownlow's and gives Glenda Banks a doll for baby Katie.  Glenda says it's not very clean.  She tells Doris that she appreciates it but tells her that she musn't spoil Katie.  After Doris has left Glenda tells Kath that she thinks she put her foot in it with Doris Luke, and she explains that Miss Luke bought a doll for Katie but it wasn't very clean.  Kath tells Glenda that Doris just wants Katie to love her and she should be grateful.         

1984 Episodes continued

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