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Jill Chance see's Sarah Alexander at the reception desk and tells her that she is sorry that her things were sent to London, but they didn't know she was coming back.  Jill tells Sarah that they may have to move her from the executive chalet.  Adam Chance joins them at the reception desk and Sarah tells Jill that she is only in the executive chalet because David put her there.  She leaves reception and Jill fumes.
Mavis Hooper comes into the motel and meet's Sid Hooper.  He asks her to have a drink with him.  Later, Mavis tells Joe MacDonald that Sid is being very attentive, as if he is trying to make up for everything.  Joe says why doesn't she let him.  Mavis says Sid doesn't care but Joe says he does.  Joe tells Mavis that Cecil Beecher Blunt wasn't married, he just used it as an excuse to get out of things when things got too hot to handle. 
Jill Chance joins Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and says it must be awful for her having Sarah Alexander back at the motel.  Jill suggests that she and David go away for a while and maybe by the time they get back Sarah Alexander will have gone.  "You can't forgive him?" asks Jill.  "I can't touch him," says Barbara.  Barbara says she loves David.
Jill tells Barbara that David doesn't want Sarah here.  "It's not as if she has any sort of hold over him," says Jill.  Barbara says as a matter of fact she does.  "She's going to have David's child," says Barbara.  Jill asks her if she is sure, and Barbara says Sarah Alexander doesn't make any mistakes she doesn't want to.  Jill asks her how David feels about it, and Barbara says he doesn't want Sarah but he wants a child. 
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that he told Mavis about Cecil Beecher Blunt not being married.
Diane Hunter visits Glenda at home and Diane goes into the living room whilst Glenda see's to the baby.  The phone rings and Glenda asks Diane if she could answer it.  Diane answers the phone and tells Glenda that it is the police in London.  "Yes of course I know her.  She's my cousin," says Glenda when she takes the phone.  
Glenda Banks talks to Iris Scott on the phone and Iris says she would like to come and see them.
Sid Hooper has his meal at the lodging house and tells Mavis that Doris Luke mentioned that she was coming around tonight.  Mavis tells him that she is coming to see about the spare room.  Sid tells Mavis that Doris is lucky, she's got a room fixed up but he hasn't.  Mavis tells him that he can stay on at the lodging house.  Sid tells Mavis that he has some holidays due and asks her if she would like to go somewhere with him.  Mavis tells him she will think about it.
John Latchford arrives in the motel reception and finds Helen Walker waiting for him.  He wishes her a happy birthday and gives her a present of her favourite perfume.
Mavis Hooper phones her solicitor and tells him that she has decided not to go ahead with the divorce.
Doris Luke goes to Mavis's lodging house and tells Mavis that she has decided not to take the room.  She tells Mavis that when she told Miss Tatum she was leaving, she was in tears, so she has decided to to stay where she is.
Kath Brownlow see's John Latchford and Helen Walker in reception and wishes Helen a happy birthday.  Helen tells Kath that John gave her some perfume.  "Helen," warns John.
Sarah Alexander goes into the motel office where she finds Jill and Adam Chance.  Sarah asks if they could find David for her and Jill says she will get him.  "It might cause less comment," says Sarah.  Jill leaves the office.  Adam asks Sarah Alexander why it would cause less comment.  Sarah tells him that she is going to have David's child.  Adam asks her if Barbara knows and Sarah says yes, she told her.  Adam says blackmail won't go down very well with David.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and Glenda tells her that Iris Scott is in the living room, that Iris is very upset but is putting a brave face on it.  Kath goes into the living room and Iris bursts into tears.  She tells Kath that her mother has thrown her out.
David Hunter see's Sarah Alexander in the motel office and she asks him if he has spoken to Barbara.  David says he has.  "And she won't give you a divorce," says Sarah.  David says he is staying with Barbara and he doesn't want a divorce.  "Not even to save your child's life?" asks Sarah.  David tells her that if she wants the baby on those terms then perhaps it is better if she didn't have it.  Sarah tells David that this is the only baby she will ever have and she doesn't want to go through it alone.  David tells her that she can stay or leave but he can't be the support she needs.
Later that day, David joins Adam in the office and says he knows Sarah has told him about the baby.  Adam asks him what he is going to do.  David says nothing, he has tried talking to Sarah and has done all he can.  Adam warns David that if Sarah told him then she could tell someone else, but David says Sarah only told him because he is a colleague and it compromises him.  He says if Sarah tells someone else it would compromise her. 
Iris Scott asks Glenda if Kath is alright.  Glenda tells Iris that John Latchford's ex-wife Helen Walker has arrived at the motel and cast doubts in her mothers mind. 
Jill Chance joins David in the motel office.  David receives a phone call from Miranda Pollard.  When he puts the phone down Jill says she thought Miranda was in the West Indies.  David says she is, but she is eager to leave.  "More fool her," mutters Jill.  "Apparently J. Henry's love-hate relationship with darling Valerie has got stuck at hate," says David.
John Latchford goes to the Borwnlow's home to see Kath but instead finds Iris Scott alone.
David joins Barbara in the sitting room and suggests they go out for dinner.  Barbara says she assumes this is to avoid Sarah Alexander.  David tells Barbara that he spoke to Sarah last night and Barbara asks him what they talked about.  David tells her that Sarah is going to have the child.  "Are you happy?" asks Barbara.  "I didn't want to be a father, not with her.  I didn't want the alternative," says David. 
Barbara asks David if Sarah is staying on at the motel.  "For the moment," David tells her.  "It's being directed at me, this campaign.  That I'll have enough and then when the gossip starts, I won't be able to take it, and I'll go," says Barbara.  "Will you go?" asks David.  "If I did you could go to her," says Barbara.  "That's not possible," says David.  "She's waited this long, she can wait a little longer.  She's younger then I am, she can wait until the child grows up and develops your features," says Barbara.  "Will you go?  That's all I need to know.  Am I losing you?  Have I lost you?  What the hell am I fighting for?" asks David.  Barbara, standing behind the settee, kisses the top of David's head.  "I'm staying," she says.

1984 Episodes continued

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